Sourcing Brunch

As much as I would like to believe otherwise, the sun doesn’t always shine in London… even when it’s Spring!

I know, madness.

Sometimes we have to make it through the wet ‘n’n windy greyscale days.

Source Battersea Restaurant-1

On days like this, all you can do is dress up in your own sunshine.

Like this head to toe black look.

Source Battersea Restaurant-2

Radiant, isn’t it?

But in all fairness, I have got some bling going on!

Source Battersea Restaurant-3

I bought this beauty back in February and can’t believe I still haven’t blogged it!

It might just be the love of my life.

Source Battersea Restaurant-4

The suede and tassels make it casual enough for day wear with jeans, the black and gold make it chic enough for evening wear.

(So obviously I justified it as two bags in one!)

Source Battersea Restaurant-6

Black silk shirt (similar) // Super soft slimming jeans (Curve)

Biker boots // Tassel handbag (UK/US)

Hermes cuff // Acorn necklace

Source Battersea Restaurant-7

Source Battersea Restaurant-8

We ventured south of the river for Sunday brunch.

Source Battersea Restaurant-9

I’ve heard great things about Source and wanted to give it a go for myself.

Source Battersea Restaurant-10

They specialise in seasonal, locally sourced (SOURCEd! geddit?) produce.

Source Battersea Restaurant-11

Even the water is as local as you can possibly get!

Source Battersea Restaurant-12

We washed down our local water with a jug of brunch punch.

Source Battersea Restaurant-13

Elderflower, prosecco, fruit and lots of ice.

Source Battersea Restaurant-16

Opting to share the ‘Nduja (spicy sausage) and egg sourdough roll.


Source Battersea Restaurant-17

The full English.

Source Battersea Restaurant-15

^ Cracking black pudding!

Source Battersea Restaurant-18

Sourdough with ragu, fried eggs and cheese.

Source Battersea Restaurant-19

Which was easily my favourite dish.

If they have it on the menu, order it!

Source Battersea Restaurant-20

A perfectly runny yolk pouring into the rich, meaty bed below.

A real thing of beauty!

Source Battersea Restaurant-21

Source Battersea Restaurant-22

We topped off our lazy brunch with pudding.

Source Battersea Restaurant-23

Earl Grey creme brûlée with rhubarb.

And a chocolate rum concoction, heavy on the rum!

Source Battersea Restaurant-24

Mary Berry would have loved it!

Source Battersea Restaurant-25

Source is well worth a trip if you find yourself hungry in Battersea.

And if it doesn’t cheer up a miserable grey day, nothing will!

Source Battersea Restaurant-26

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