I’ve got a short ‘n’ sweet little recommendation for you today!

If you haven’t already, you have to check out Gelupo.

If you have already, you need to go back.

Autumn is no excuse not to tuck into London’s finest gelato. Lemme give you the scoop.

Right in the bustle of Soho, you’ll find a little Italian ice cream parlour.

There’s coffee, there are biscuits and cakes, the fridges heave with Italian goodies.

But the real treats are hidden in the freezers.

The menu is short and to the point.

The classics, followed by the ever-changing specials.

Pick your flavours, choose your vessel & the charming girls will scoop it out for you (and pile it up high!).

Pop a wafter in the top and get ready for a flavour explosion you wont soon forget.

Just don’t let it melt!

My flavours are Snickers & raspberry, but the ricotta & black pepper one is a real winner too.

You might need to make more than one trip, y’know just to find your favourites.

Of course if you go with someone else, you can just get them to take a photo… you’ll have to hold their ice cream too.

Then you can Snicker lick of theirs.

Jumper // Jeans // Boots // Hat // Bag // Nails

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Just remember to take your umbrella, there’s a chance of sprinkles.

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