Well, Burger Me!

Last night I crossed all of London to make it to a railway arch, way out East.

But why, Rosie? Why would you spend an hour in traffic at 6pm?

Good question.

Hopefully this humble little snap will answer it…


Go on, go up and look at that bubbling cheese again.

If no-one’s watching, lick the screen. Go on, close your eyes and lick it. (If someone is watching, then maybe don’t. They don’t get you like I do, so it might look a bit weird.)

If you’re wondering where I found those little beauties, it was at a competition.

A fierce battle to the death, between two of my favourite burger slings.

Bleecker St Burger and Burger Bear.

^ Bit of a sausage fest, could have been a hot dog contest.

We all queued dutifully for each burger bar.

Ignoring the gathering thunder clouds above, we chatted away, swimming in the smell of molten cheese and crackling bacon around us.

My Goldie Rox Burger ring went down very well with the hungry crowd!

But the real treat was watching Tom tease the crowd with his steaming creations.

One by one they racked up a battalion of burgers.

Burger Bear’s offering was thick and juicy, with a light crunch from the salad and pickles. A generous layer of his burger jam gave it a wonderfully sweet, salty kiss, and the extra slices of crispy bacon didn’t hurt!

After a little interval at the bar, we moved on to our next fist feast, from Bleecker.

8oz patties, with meat aged for 60days, topped with cheese, onions, bacon and a chilli recipe that’s over 90 years old!

Zan carefully lays her creations into their nests, and hands them proudly to the eager crowd.

A real thing of beauty, and a meal in its own right.

Rich, spicy, cheesy, baconey, moreish, with the most delicious toasted bun I’ve tried.

Probably my favourite burger in London.

It didn’t last long.

With the sky on fire, we placed our votes.

It was close.

Our votes went to Bleeker St, but the lovely Burger Bear won anyway.

We said our thankyous and fueled by meat and cider, headed off for a little dance in the dwindling light.

Daisy dress // Sneakers // Cable knit cashmere (half price)

Very happy, very full little weirdos.

If you’re a Londoner, you might be pleased to hear that I’m planning a meet up!

Or should I say, a MEAT up?!

The Bleecker St guys and I decided we should do a Londoner burger and get everyone together later in the summer. I still need to finalise plans, but keen your eyes peeled on Instagram/Facebook for details. All cool ideas & suggestions happily received! But it will hopefully be on a Sunday, so everyone can come.

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