Country Brunch

There is absolutely nothing as glorious as sun drenched British countryside.

When the sun comes out to play, you have to make the most of it.

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Monty & Roger invited us over for a double family brunch.

They’re some of our oldest friends, I can still remember Monty cooking up mammoth breakfasts on the AGA when I was about 7.

I’d go over to see Freddie, wearing my striped cotton school dress. We’d roam around the gardens and essentially lived in Fred’s old gypsy caravan.

We’d feed the chickens, climb trees, build dens and generally destroy our school uniforms!

Not much has changed.

Keen to make use of my new toy; a 4 series BMW…holllaaaa! (Just a loaner!) we all jumped in and headed through England’s green & pleasant land…

Wading through chickens, barking dogs, hugs, kisses and hellos, we finally made it to the table.

All laid in the dappled shade of the vines.

As always, Rog was in charge of drinks and set-to whipping up tall, cool glasses of Buck’s Fizz.

Monty filled the table as he poured, leaving the bubbling glasses surrounded by platters of sausages, bacon, home grown asparagus, salads and toast.

Having done our own little toast, we all took our seats.

A lively game of table chess erupted, people passing each other plates while taking one from someone else. Sliding sausages onto hot buttered toast, flipping eggs to each other and pouring beans over just about everything.

But it wasn’t long before it all calmed down as everyone slipped into a happy silence for the first few mouthfuls.

All you could hear was the wind in the vines, the chickens in the yard and the sporadic murmurs of enjoyment from each of the brunchers.

Of course, once bellies were filled, the chatter soon picked up again.

Even little Henry couldn’t resist joining the rowdy party.

The afternoon was spent wandering, playing and swimming in the ol’ swimmin’ hole.

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^ Press play!

Let’s keep our fingers crossed for more of these glorious days.

Come on Summer, you can do it!

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