Santa’s Little Helpers (Cocktail Recipe)

This is a real Christmas cracker of a drinks recipe. Ludicrously easy, quick and completely delicious.

My sister & I knocked some up a couple of years ago and now they’re a seasonal staple.

Santa’s Little Helpers are a sort of frosted Kir Royal. They work with whatever liqueur you happen to have in your drinks cabinet, just try and keep it festively rouge.

I am aware it’s not quuuiiiite December yet… but these were hotly requested this weekend so I thought I’d let you in on our secret recipe a little ahead of time. (Don’t tell my sister.)

In each glass you’ll need:

A generous splash of red liqueur (we like to keep it British and went for Chase Blackcurrant)

A scoop of red sorbet

Lots of bubbles, Champagne or Prosecco depending on how fancy you’re feeling.

Grab a few champagne flutes and your booze…

Go on… a little bit more, it’s Christmas!

Add a scoop of red berry sorbet.

And fill up with bubbles.

Pop a festive straw in the top

And slurp to your hearts content, preferably fireside.

I have it on good authority that Mr & Mrs Claus enjoy a few of these on the run up to Christmas eve. Y’know… to ease the workload a little.

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