Human Tor-Speedo!

After yesterday’s wildly unhealthy (but delicious) blog post, I thought I should probably balance it out with something a little lighter.

I’m always being asked about my exercise routine. Swimming is a great way to keep fit.

This post was commissioned by Speedo who say that a 30min water based work out is the equivalent of around an hour’s non-water exercise, and you already know… I love a good shortcut.

Let’s dive in, shall we?

I start by swimming lengths of the pool

Depending on how big your pool is, 10 laps of each stroke is a pretty good way to start.

Front crawl, backstroke & breast.

Just keep going until you can’t go anymore… then do one more length!

Have a drink, catch your breath & get yourself positioned at the side of the pool.

Rest your hands flat on the side…

And slowly push yourself up.

It should take a good three-to-five seconds before you get to the top.

Hold it here for five seconds.

While you’re up there. Keep your feet together, push your toes out away from you…

And back in again.

Repeat this a few times then lower yourself back down, slowly.

Do it a couple more times, if you can. Then flip and do it from behind.

This is a great, easy exercise that’ll zap away any hint of bingo wings and give you seriously perky boobs in just a couple of weeks.

By now your arms should be pretty tired, so we’re going to give them a little break and work on those legs, especially that gap between your thighs.

Grab a float, hold it out in front of you and kick your way up and down the pool.

Hold your stomach in tight and it’ll work your core brilliantly.

When you’re well & truly knackered, jump out & get dry. I’m a big fan of tracking my progress as I go, so the Speedo Fit app is great for me.

Pop in the length of your pool and how many lengths you swam.

Add how many reps of your push ups you were able to do in the notes & save your swim.

It’ll tell you how far you swam, and you can get challenges… Like seeing if you can swim the length of The Thames! (Like a video game.) There’s even a website with loads more tips, check it out.

It’s also great to just prove to yourself how much fitter you’ve gotten.

Without even noticing, you’ll have doubled the distance you’re able to swim within just a few weeks.

Your body will be more toned, tighter and you’ll have so much more energy… never mind those perky boobs!

You might dry out a little with all the chlorine though, so make sure you moisturise & deep condition your hair.

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