You may remember my last Chilli Stand Off post.

Or maybe my Ribstock write up?

Either way if you follow me on Twitter, you’ll have seen me bleating on about Tweat Up for the last few weeks.

“Tweat Ups” are sporadic foodie events held across London. They usually take on a competitive element and this was the second ever chilli cook off.

8 chefs come together to battle it out and have their dish declared London’s finest.

The best bit?

We get to be the judges!

Held in a great big space in East London, each kitchen sets up a stall and awaits judgement. We started where all great stories start, the bar.

Before grabbing our first bowl-a-love.

You might think that 8 bowls of chilli would get a bit boring and samey, but they really don’t. Each one is so different and complex. Many also came with added goodies, the fried bread and lager from Dishoom went down a treat!

Billy Frank‘s offering came with a piece of their very own beef jerky and a deep fried jalapeño.

Everyone sits at long trestle tables and chatters about the chillies. Helped along with a few more Milk & Honey cocktails, of course.

“True Grit” was Lucky Chip‘s offering. A rich, smokey, deep chilli, completely different to everything else on offer. It was one of the last ones we tried and it just blew us away (it must have done the same to everyone else, as they were voted the winners).

If you’re a spice fan you need a bottle of The Ribman’s Holy Fuck hot sauce in your life. It’s only £5 and would be an awesome stocking filler! Next we moved on to pudding, with chocolate & chilli ice cream from Gelupo.

And beautiful mini meringues and cream.

We headed home groaningly full and spent the rest of the afternoon snoozing infront of the fire.

Please do another one soon, Tweat Up!

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