Muddy Hunters

Somerset is my London antidote.

I love the city, I really do… but I’m a country girl at heart.

There’s only so much pavement pounding I can take before I start longing for wide open spaces, a cool breeze and an endless expanse of clouds.

Phoebe feels the same way. One day when we’re old and married to our respective Prince Charmings, we’re going to have houses in the country with adjoining fields. Our children will build forts in them and ride their ponies to each other’s houses.

One will be a boy, the other a girl and it will be the beginning of a perfect love story.

Of course I’ll blog the whole thing.

Until then we’re happy to stomp around in our wellies and make the most of the fresh air.

Wellies by Hunter, jackets by Crew, my scarf is by Barbour.

(Matching was unintentional!)

Olga showed Felix how to get past the fence… …of course poor Felix couldn’t see, so got stuck.

We fancied crumble for tea so walked through the woods and down into the orchard where we collected as many apples as we could carry.

Felix helped.

I think I’m becoming more outdoorsy in my old age.

I’d love to give up everything and go and stay here or here for a while, wouldn’t you?

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