Spring Time Beauty Review

As you know by now, I rarely write beauty posts.

It’s not that I’m not interested in beauty products, or that I don’t buy them or even love them.

I do.

It’s just that the idea of putting on my best infomercial voice & saying “This is how you can look like me” makes me cringe to my very core!

So, rather than giving you a tutorial on how to do your hair or makeup, I thought I’d just give you a little peak at some of my Spring beauty must haves.

Those little gems that I really couldn’t live without.

Let’s get started with what everyone needs after a long miserable winter…

A good ol’ fashioned scrub down!

Malin + Goetz are a great little company based in NYC, but I think they’re coming to England soon. They make this mind blowing peppermint body scrub. Imagine you’re lying on a white pebbly beach with the waves lapping against your feet, when you suddenly realise those pebbles are in fact huge peppermints. They start shifting around and you sink into the middle. You get rolled around in a sea of minty freshness & emerge with buttery soft skin & a radient glow.

That is how good this peppermint scrub is! Ok, so maybe I’m a little addicted. But if you want to give it a go, Europeans click here , Americans click here . I have said on numerous occasions that The White Company may just be my spiritual home. This is going to sound strange but if I’m having a bad day, I will take myself off to the little shop on Sloane Square or the concession at Harrods & just… mooch. The staff will quite happily leave you alone as you float around the shop, lost in dreams of New England beach houses and your own little place in the country. Their new Fresh Thyme scented candles sit proudly on either side of my desk, ready to whisk me back whenever it all gets too much!

When it comes to day cream, I am very, very picky. A friend lured me away from Keihl’s to try the Hyper Hydrator from Dr. Pericone and I’ve never looked back. Light, refreshing, coconutty. Smoothing it on is one of the best parts of my day. I never break out & my foundation smooths on like a dream afterwards.UK link , US link .

Talking of foundation… My go-to warpaint of choice is Perfection Lumiere by Chanel . Touche Eclait by YSL & NARS blush in ‘Orgasm’ (mostly because of the name, if I’m honest!). The foundation is light enough to make you feel like you’re not wearing any, but still gives great coverage & a flawless complexion. Touche Eclait hides a multitude of sins, especially good under eyes and just over your top lip to accentuate a cupids bow. Orgasm just gives you the most gentle, fresh glow. Perfect for Spring.

If I’ve been a very bad girl and I need to wash away my sins, I always go back to my old favourite… Kiehl’s. Algae is one of The Universe’s best little creations. Most people swear by it as a dietary supplement as supposedly it does wonders for your health. Me? I like coat myself in it on sleepy Sunday mornings! You’re left cleansed, smooth & glowing like you’ve slept all night long (when we both know you haven’t).Euros click here, Americans… I can’t seem to find a link, so maybe pop into your local Keihl’s?

Ok, now it doesn’t matter if I write about brownies, iPhone apps or restaurants… you guys still only want to know about my hair! Maybe these little gems will tide you over for a while, just until I can figure out the right way to do a styling tutorial? I change shampoos & conditioners pretty frequently, mostly because I’m fickle and if something smells good I’ll buy it. But these goodies from Philip Kingsley really are great. I’m pretty sure you can find the whole range here. They leave my hair with just the right amount of bounce, while keeping the frizz at bay.

Now these… Ah… these. These are my true loves.

Aesop is just the most incredible brand, I couldn’t be any more obsessed with them. This is hand wash & hand cream in “Resurrection”. Together, they are the best smelling, most incredible ‘beauty products’ I own. You can buy them here. Yes, they are expensive for hand products… but Louboutins are expensive for shoes. Ferraris are expensive cars. These my friends, are the Ferraris of the bathroom world. One of my favourite restaurants in Paris even has them in their washrooms. Is that why they’re my favourite restaurant? Well it certainly helps.

After years of accosting my hair with dyes, hot air, straighteners, holidays, you name it…Tresemme’s Split Remedy serum is a god send! I’ve been talking about this for a while, so if you haven’t tried it yet, get some. It’s not expensive & smells delicious. Finally, this is my ultimate Spring time candle. Only to be used on special occasions, it’s my favourite smell in the whole world. Sort of musty, but fresh, minty but warm. It’s called Chandernagor by Cire Trudon. If I’ve had a particularly long day, or there’s someone I’m trying to impress or maybe even… romance *wiggles eyebrows*… this badboy fires up & sets the mood. You can buy it here and seeing as Louis XIV and Napoleon were fans too, you’ll be in good company!

If you enjoyed this post, I’ll update it with another one when Summer finally rears it’s pretty little head, and keep doing so every few weeks.

That way I wont bore the people who are here to read about cupcakes, but I’ll still keep you little beauty addicts informed.

Does that sound fair?

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