Halloween in New York

This weekend I popped over to NYC to experience my first ever American Halloween.

As soon as we woke up on Saturday morning, we headed out in the fu-reezing rain to buy pumpkins, fruit & veg.

The Union Square Market is the place for fresh, local produce in New York.

If you’re in the city one weekend, go check it out & make sure you try before you buy! Free tasters are what markets are all about!

Having frozen my tail off choosing pumpkins, we jumped in a taxi and headed over to City Bakery for a huge bowl of the richest, thickest hot-chocolate you can imagine, topped with a home-made iceburg of a marshmallow.

Just as we arrived home, the heavens opened & the snow fell thick & fast. Snow… in New York… in October!!

Just enough time for frozen margaritas & tacos before…

…getting dressed up & heading out to play with all the other New York Halloweeners.

We met the gorgeous Lara & Natasha for dinner at Catch

before heading out to Boom Boom Room, downtown.

Our sleepy Sunday was spent wondering around galleries in Greenwich Village, grabbing a slice, hot dogs & generally enjoying the sunshine & rapidly melting snow.

After a stroll around Central Park, we headed to Papaya King for a snackerdoodle.

If you haven’t tried Papaya King, do it! It’s been a New York institution since 1935, and my personal favourite is ‘Sides on top’. A classic hot dawg, smothered in curly fries, cheese & chilli. Mmmm hmmmm!

Then, it was back home to decorate the house, for our last Halloween party.

My baby pumpkins

! (One of them had a little too much to drink.)

One last sunrise and it was time to head home.

New York was magical, as always. I can’t wait to go back! How did you spend Halloween? I’d love some costume inspiration for next year, so please share if you’ve seen any awesome ones! .

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