Ducksoup, Soho

Ducksoup is ‘the new cool’ in Soho, and rightfully so. An eclectic range of French, Spanish, Swedish & generally European dishes grace the hand-scrawled menu, daily. One night you’ll go and experience eye wateringly fresh oysters with a squeeze of lemon, the next day you’ll find crunchy sour bread piled high with slices the richest foie gras you can imagine. A beaten up old record player sits in the corner & the restaurant operates a ‘bring your own vinyl’ policy. It’s a tiny little place on Dean Street, with a bar, a few rickety tables and the wine list written on the bare, white walls. There are no bookings, so go early or late and just squeeze in where you can. Whatever the staff feel like cooking that day is usually posted on the website , or you can follow them on twitter .

It’s a breath of fresh air for West London, which tends to miss out on cool little dives with great food. Ducksoup is decidedly ‘East’ and brings us the St John’s Bread & Wine flavour we’ve been missing out on. Give it a try.

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