Berry Slab Pie

We all love a good pie.
Whether it’s pie & mash in the pub, or your mum’s secret recipe apple pie & custard.
To be quite honest though, very few of us have the time, patience or inclination to bake a pie from scratch when we get home from work.
So… I give you the Berry Slab Pie.
In less than 10mins, you’ll have a rich, glistening pie cooking away in the oven, ready to whip out and snuggle down on the sofa with.
Mmmm…sofa pie.

You will need- 

1 Ready to roll shortcrust pastry block

1 Pack frozen summer berries

2 Cups caster sugar

1/2 Block butter

1 Egg

Vanilla ice-cream (optional)

Pre-heat your oven to 180
 or 350
& line a baking tray with tin foil.
Roll out your pastry until you have a basic circle. Don’t worry about accuracy, this is a rustic sort of pie.
You don’t want it too thin, 2-3cm thick is fine.
Manoeuvre your pastry onto your foiled baking tray.
Resist the urge to spin it in the air and don an Italian accent, it wont be as funny as it is in your head & nobody likes floor pie.
Pile the frozen berries in the middle of your pastry & sprinkle with your sugar.
Now, fold up the sides of the pastry, pinching along the way to make it stick.
Once you have a neat little circle, chop your butter into chunks & pop them on top of your berries. Keep one little chunk to the side, you’ll use this to pretty-up your pastry.
Beat an egg & use a pastry/paint brush & wash it over all the exposed pastry.
Melt your little chunk of butter & do the same with it.

FInally, sprinkle a little sugar over the whole shebang & pop it in the oven.
Leave it for 45-60mins (when it’s brown, bubbly & oozy, it’s ready).

To serve, gently remove it from the pan using the tin foil & place it on a plate.
Scoop on good quality vanilla ice-cream & hand your guests a spoon each.
Think of it like the cheese fondu/tapas of the pudding world.

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