The English Laundrette, Less Per Se – More Persil

On Friday, I went to a fab pop-up restaurant in east London called ‘The English Laundrette’. 

A parody of Thomas Keller’s fabulously expensive French Laundry pop-up at Harrods, the Laundrette celebrated all things British, seasonal & kitch. 

Vintage washer women with rollers in their hair served knee wobbling cocktails while flirting outrageously with giggling guests. 

Huge projections of pastel washing machines covered the walls as punters slipped into place on long trestle tables. 

The menu by Carl Clarke consisted of 6 courses of naughtily re-imagined British classics; Cheese & Pineapple, Prawn Cocktail, Tomato soup… well, you get the idea. 

Clarified tomato soup, my favourite dish of the night.

Cheese & Pinapple… but not as you know it!

Avocado ‘n’ prawns

Unfortunately The English Laundrette closed it’s doors on Saturday… but… I have blogged about this pop-up company 
… which means they’ll probably do it again!
If you fancy a trip to their next imaginary foodie world, follow
on Twitter.
I have a feeling they’ll be announcing a new experience, very soon.
If I hear anything in the meantime, I’ll let you know.

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