D’s Birthday

I’ve blogged about Pescheria Matiucci before.

It’s my favourite restaurant in London.

Effortlessly cool with mind-blowing seafood” is the description I believe I used.

I’ll stick by it.

I get 3 or 4 tweets every week thanking me for this particular recommendation!

So where else could we possibly celebrate D’s birthday?

We had our 1st date perched upon these big blue barrels, we go almost every week, and I too had my birthday here back in February.

Pescheria is very special to us, so we decided to take the whole restaurant.

We filled the tiny little fishmonger with friends, family, food & wine.

The birthday boy

Head-Chef Diego flew over from Italy & spoilt us all with plate after plate of the freshest seafood.

The pasta, cooked in a secret stock is unimaginably delicious!

… It all went down hill from here.

After the restaurant, we headed to The Electric for cocktails.

They don’t allow photos unfortunately, but do have a fabulous photobooth!

Where’s your favourite restaurant?

Do you have somewhere new for me to try?

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