A Drop of Scotch Sunshine

Waking up at Gleaneagles in Scotland is always going to feel pretty special, but when you wake up to a view and weather like this…

…well, that’s just irresistible!

My fella and I flew up to Scotland for a long weekend with our friends Julia and Thomas.

Starting our trip at the inimitable Gleneagles hotel, and starting our first day raring to go!

We wolfed down breakfast and headed for the grounds to explore.

Barbour hat

Barbour coat // Tweed blazer

Silk shirt // Hermes scarf

Skinny jeans // Hunter boots

Keen to make the most of that rarely seen Scottish sunshine, we roamed the gardens, greedily gulping down the fresh air.

Before meeting our guide for something a little more strenuous.

A hiking tour of the nearby Drummond Estate.

Up and up we climbed, giving each other a helping hand when things got rocky!

As with most things, when we looked back we could see it was all worth it.

Of course all struggles are easier with good friends by your side.

And gin, gin helps too!

We said goodbye for noo to the sunshine, and welcomed the drizzle with a hot sloe gin punch.

Just the thing for warming up a couple a lassies.

We saw out the worst of the weather, before continuing on up hill.

Julia’s Coat (similar)

Pheasant jumper // Frill neck shirt

Tartan scarf (similar)

Trousers // Boots

Julia keeping a look out for all that wild haggis I told her about.

You know I can’t help myself!

There’s something so awe-inspiring about the Scottish countryside.

It seems wilder than anywhere else’s countryside. As though it cannay be tamed.

Which is naturally very appealing to anyone who feels the same way!

Having conquered the mountain (ok, it may have been a hill but let’s call it artistic licence) we began our descent.

Bouncing like mountain goats through the springy heather.

Suddenly we were treated to another drop of that Scotch sunshine.

Just in time for a picnic lunch at the bottom.

We made ourselves at home on the shores of Balloch.

Poured a jot more gin…

…And tucked into a combo of sandwiches, Scotch eggs (naturally) and nibbly bits.

If you’re looking for a truly wild country escape, an hour’s flight from London, Loch no further!

Gleneagles have got you covered.

Lots more Scottish adventures to come, but I’m going to spread them out a bit if you don’t mind. That way they’ll last longer and I won’t be so sad when they’re over!

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  • My parents honeymooned at Gleneagles and have always sung it’s praises; it looks like it lives up to the hype! I hope Julia found some haggis before the weekend was over…

    • Rosie

      Uh, what a great idea for a honeymoon! Think you’ll follow in their footsteps?

  • Such a perfect day in the Scottish countryside. *-*
    This is definitely somewhere I need to visit during the most beautiful of the quatre seasons : autumn. <3

    • Rosie

      Yes you must! I’m also keen to return when the heather’s in full bloom!

  • Susan Barrie

    Living in the highlands I would have to say that you need to drive the North Coast 500 – the variety of scenery is truly stunning.

    • Rosie

      Good tip, thanks Susan!

  • Oh this looks so lovely! It’s funny because whenever you think of a weekend away, you always think of popping over to France or if you’re feeling adventurous, maybe a city break in Lisbon, Amsterdam, (Cornwall at a stretch) etc… But it’s so easy to forget that actually, there’s so much beauty and so much to do within the UK. I’ve recently been spending more time in Edinburgh (with work) and it’s made me desperate to explore Scotland a little more. Do you ( or anyone!) have any suggestions for places which are a must visit? Also, if they don’t require a car, all the better!!

    Thanks all!

    • Rosie

      Edinburgh is so beautiful, lucky you getting to spend time there!
      I would certainly consider popping over to Gleneagles if you fancy a weekend off. It’s a very easy drive and is over in a blink! x

    • Kirsty

      Hey Katie,
      It really depends what you want to do, the countryside up here is always beautiful. But if you’re looking for something a little special try the isle of Skye (a bit of a trek but well worth it) or loch Lomond for something a little closer to the central belt. St Andrews is lovely for a stroll and a browse round a book shop, as is Glasgow (and Edinburgh as you already know). Happy exploring x

      • Thank you for letting me know Kirsty! I’d absolutely loved to get away to the countryside but annoyingly (being a Londoner) don’t have a car/haven’t drive since I passed my test at 17! So that’s a little constraining as you can imagine. I would love to visit st Andrew’s though – I have heard beautiful things!
        KatieJane xx

        • Sharon Burnett

          Dumfries and Galloway, the most beautiful, most scenic part of Scotland. Just cross the border and turn right!

          • Oh really? I have to admit I’ve never considered visiting those areas – looks like I will have to do some Googling :p

            Thank you for the recommendation Sharon! 🙂

  • Sarah Gouin

    Such a joy to read! The photos are fantastic and I love that when you travel you always seem to find the best of the best and share it with us.

    • Rosie

      Thanks Sarah! A joy to share, especially when people leave lovely responses! x

  • Rach

    I love everything about these photos! The scenery looks amazing and it just looks so charming there!


    • Rosie

      Thanks Rach!

  • I’ve always wanted to go to Scotland! These beautiful photos make me wanna go even more!


    • Rosie

      You must! x

  • This looks like the perfect day – you were so lucky with the weather! Those views look absolutely breathtaking, and I can just imagine how much more amazing they must have been when you were actually there. I’ve been to Scotland twice but never to the Highlands – now I *really* want to go! x

    • Rosie

      Totally deserves a spot on your “to visit” list! Even in the rain (which we got a lot of later in the trip) it was truly exceptionally beautiful.

  • The views looks amazing and I love that photo with the rainbow 🙂 It looks like you had a wonderful time x

    Jenny | LuxeStyle

    • Rosie

      We really had the best time, thanks Jenny!




    • Rosie

      Very much so!

  • Kate

    Looks incredible! And I’m absolutely in awe of whoever is taking these pictures, they capture such beautiful images.



    • Rosie

      We all take turns! If I’m not in them, I took them. If I’m in them it’s either T, J or my fiancé.
      Scotland’s beauty makes it pretty easy! 😉 x

  • Everything looks so beautiful! And Gleneagles looks like such an impressive property!!
    xo Bryn http://www.waketonroad.com

  • I’ve been looking forward to these posts since I saw your Insta stories. Scotland looks gorgeous!

    Also, what color/brand is your nail polish? I really love that color!

    • Rosie

      I can’t remember the colour I’m afraid but it’s by OPI. I’ll try and find out next time I get it done!

  • The trip looks amazing and I really love your outfits! Looks like you were lucky with the weather too.

  • Scotland holds such a special place in my heart. My husband proposed on top of Edinburgh Castle (smart man…). I’ve been back once since then and I love the unique rugged beauty of it all.

    These photos are so perfect too. What a lovely day in Scotland!



  • Kari Guastella
  • Amelia Merz

    Hi Rosie, greetings from sunny Sydney! Your blog, and in particular this entry, is absolutely exquisite and so inspiring! I’m just wondering: which style is your Barbour Waxed Jacket? Is it the Classic Beadnell Wax or the Acorn Wax? Thank you!

  • Such autumnal vibes! Love it!


  • Nicki Sutcliffe

    I’m an ex-londoner who lives a mile from this loch and never been there! (although I have climbed the hill) you have inspired me to take a wander for a new picnic spot.

  • Rosie, this place looks so glorious. Looks similar (view wise) to my favourite place in Cavan in Ireland – should go on your list if you haven’t been there already!
    “Lochs” like the perfect weekend away with friends.


  • Sepideh

    We did a 2-week trip to Scotland and it was one of the most magical and special trips EVER. My hubby has Scottish roots so we traced back his ancestors to the town of Wick and drove all the way there to look into his ancestors.

    The beauty, fresh air, and friendly people…I loved Scotland.

    Have you watched Outlander?? It’s such a good fix for my desire to go back to Scotland! Hopefully one day, and then hop over to London, it’s been too long tha TI haven’t been!!


  • Phoebe Irwin

    I second the request for the Hot Sloe Gin Punch recipe!

  • Wow! I’ve always loved Scotland, never seen it like this though! Stunning!

  • You two are always so impeccably dressed! <3