Sunday in The Cotswolds

On our last day in The Cotswolds we awoke to the sound of birdsong drifting through the window, and the smell of freshly brewed coffee wafting up the stairs.

It didn’t take long for us to leap out of bed and find a cup!

If you’ve ever dreamed of slipping out of satin soft sheets and padding down through your country mansion, onto the sun soaked lawn, cuppa in hand, The Painswick has got you covered!

Pink linen dress

Round basket bag // Gingham sandals

We soaked up the morning sun while waiting for breakfast to be served.

After a couple rounds of eggs, a few pastries and just a smattering of sausages, we set off to explore the pretty village of Painswick.

A quintessential English village, complete with wibbly houses, tea shops and one of the prettiest church yards you’ll ever come across.

Just to add to our utter delight, we ran into a litter of puppies out for their morning walk!


Yep, I was about ready to move in!

We had the deserted village streets all to ourselves, free to roam as we wished.

Strolling through streets bursting with fragrant lavender and tumbling roses.

It didn’t take us too long to comb every inch of Painswick, so we jumped into the car in search of new adventures.

Jumping out for a leg stretch as we reached Miserden.

Delighting in the rolling hills, stone walls, fresh breeze and the occasional sheep.

It felt good to get back to my roots…

We ventured into the Miserden Estate.

Where we found the newly opened Nursery Café.

Where a very nervous barista (her and the cafe’s first day, you see) served us two particularly excellent cappuccinos and raced off to find us a slice of cake.

We sipped and nibbled among the greenhouses, surrounded by roses, lupins, fox gloves and daisies.

I may have had a slight chuckle to myself about how this blog (and I) have changed throughout the years.

I used to write about parties on yachts, dancing the night away and disastrous dates… now I’m thrilled by the prospect of a National Trust garden!

The fact you’re still here with me means we must have grown up together, when did that happen?! Must have been when I wasn’t looking.

Just to really hammer the point home, I’m about to tell you that Miserden has some of the finest herbaceous borders you’ll find in the uk!

Sorry, I’m chuckling far too much now. I might have to go and get a cup of tea and a nice calming biscuit, while you look around the gardens.

They’re quite the place for a spot of frolicking.

You’re never too grown up for a spot of that!

I particularly loved the gates to nowhere dotted around the estate.

You have to wonder if they’re a bit like the doors in Labyrinth.

Open them one way and they go nowhere, open them another and they open up something altogether different.

^ That’s me!

Having worked up quite the hunger with all that frolicking, we set off to find a pub.

Settling on The Bell at Sapperton.

A sleepy little place in a sleepy little village, with a pretty garden and “English Garden Mojitos” on the menu.

Just what the doctor ordered!

We on British classics, like Prawn Cocktail.

And a beast of a Sunday Roast, pork for me, chicken for him (he likes the bread sauce).

Followed by another Great British classic.

A snooze.

Bring on retirement, I’m ready!

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  • Laura Torninoja

    Ahh I’m loving these Cotswolds posts! Everything looks so cute & quaint. Those gardens look super lovely too – I could spend ages exploring them (if only my hayfever would allow…) x

    Laura // Middle of Adventure

  • This place is STUNNING
    Miki xx

  • Nothing better than wibbly houses or a ramble around a nice garden…especially if there’s a mojito at the end of it 😉

  • So much beautiful greenery!

  • Zuz

    Next time you need to visit Burford and Woodstock. I live in Woodstock and got married in Burford, Cotswolds are stunning place…

  • All of these places look so pretty and peaceful! What good timing to see the puppies too! I did giggle when you talked about getting older – I never think of going to clubs and bars nowadays, I don’t know what happens but I just suddenly went from enjoying nights out to being out in the garden and relaxing at home! x


  • Stephanie Blum

    I definitely feel like we have grown up together! I have been reading your blog since 2012 and can so relate… long gone are my late nights on the dance floor every weekend. I would much rather get up early and explore the farmer’s market with my fella. xo

  • Emily

    Its so funny you mention it — I completely agree! I’ve been a longtime reader, living vicariously through your travel posts especially. But I started reading when I first moved to NYC after graduating from college, and now 6 years later, my tastes have completely changed alongside yours! We’re even both planning weddings at the same time. It’s been a pleasure growing up with you!

  • Holly & Boydie G.

    Those gardens look so dreamy! It is funny to think of how people change over the years. It doesn’t feel like you change that much, but it makes it easy to observe when you have things documented like this on the blog!

  • Amazing landscape!
    Ps: love the sandles

  • Kari Guastella
  • Grace

    Such a lovely place! And Rosie how could we not read after these all these years, your posts are always amazing, personable, and such enjoying reads. Personally, I’m all about the balance of partying or a cocktail hour while enjoying the varieties of orchid in a botanical garden 😉

  • Allie Kay

    This looks like my idea of the perfect day! (And now I’m really itching to book a trip to the English countryside!!)

    Allie |

  • Cate Cruse

    I’m 30 and I was 24 when I started reading your blog (which 100% inspired me to start mine, a little hobby I still have) and it’s really nice how we’ve all grown up! (Still always room for white wine on yauchts though. Just saying) xxx

  • This sounds like the dream day, always need to end it on a roast! Loving this Cotswold posts

    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Beauty Wellbeing

  • This looks fantastic – and the gardens are amazing!

  • This place is beautiful!

  • Anne Vestrum

    I have never posted on a blog before – but I have been following yours for years so your comment about growing up really resonated. Couldn’t be more true how much priorities have changed. Ironically I got engaged a few months before you, and got married two months ago – in Mira Zwillinger from Browns Bride and honeymooned in Italy (based on your recommendation of Villa Feltrinelli – which was our starting point!) Thanks for all the amazing recommendations over the years and for staying genuine!

  • Lindsay Davison

    Oh my ♥ that places looks so dreamy! The photos are incredible!

    Lindsay |

  • I love your sunglasses sooo much 🙂

    Miki xx

  • Oh, I hadn’t discovered your blog during the yacht parties and dancing stages! I shall have to go back and have a look. I love your posts so much and enjoy living vicariously through your culinary and sightseeing adventures!

    Ellie x

  • Demi Lee

    You are the reason I created my blog! Love reading your posts & your imagery is always beautiful!