Lindos, Rhodes

Lindos is a little white washed village on the island of Rhodes.

A short hop from London, Rhodes doesn’t have quite the celebrity status of say Mykonos or Santorini, but is still well worth a visit.

Here you can find the same cobbled streets, white walls draped in bougainvillea, pretty little shops, seafood, feta, and crystal clear waters for wallowing in with a glass of rosé.

Yep, much like the rest of Greece it is pretty much heaven.

We stopped off on our way to the much smaller island of Symi.

Taking our sweet time and treating ourselves to a couple of days exploring Lindos.

White cotton mini dress

Embroidered belt // Round rattan bag

Greek sandals

These winding streets were made for getting lost in.

There are little shops stuffed to bursting with goodies.

Linens, clothes, jewellery, bags, sandals…

…and other essentials.

Even the street signs are beautiful.

Less manicured than many of the other Greek islands, Rhodes feels a little more crumbly.

A little more real, a little more delightfully dishevelled.

We fell in love with the peeling doors of Lindos and their pebbled entries.

Exploring, even in the cooler morning light, is seriously hot business.

As you climb so does the mercury. Somewhere near the top of the village you’ll need to seek out shade for a breather.

Beaded blue bracelet // Yellow bracelet

Aqua marine ring // Tiny sapphire ring

We relished the ever-changing architecture, ranging from clean white boxes to golden Grecian carved stone villas.

And delighted in the dappled shade offered by the flowers creeping out of people’s gardens.

We picked up a few essentials.

And couldn’t help thinking how much nicer errands were in Greece! This sure beats a trip to Tesco in the rain.

We dipped into a couple of shops along the way.

For a couple more of those *ahem* essentials.

And then slowly meandered out of town.

Making a beeline for the sea.

^ Spot the acropolis looking out over the bay?

Built in 300 BC by people who evidently understood the value of a good view!

Rather than heading to Lindos Bay, I recommend sneaking out the other side of town and making your way down to Agios Pavlos (Saint Paul)’s Bay.

Pass the first one on the left, as you can see above it gets a little crowded, and keep going.

All the way to St Paul’s glittering blue waters and pretty white church.

Take a well earned swim after that walk!

And set yourself up at the taverna, on the water’s edge.

Here you’ll find some of the best food in town, in the prettiest location, cooled by a gentle sea breeze.

After all that tzatziki, finish off with another kind of dip.

Gingham bikini top // bottoms

And while away the afternoon on one of the swinging day beds.

Iced coffee and snooze highly recommended!

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  • All of these photos are so beautiful! X

  • Peppermint Dolly

    Looks stunning, I cannot wait to be on my holidays!!!!


  • Emmalisa Tilli

    Amazing stuff as ALWAYS….. I love seeing you on the Tresemme ad here in Australia!!!!! <3

  • The slow pace

    Oh Greece… It’s been seven years since our last visit, we have to do something about that! I’m intrigued about Symi! Your IG pictures were insane!

  • loving your dress Rose & the bag is fab, love the size of it. As for the shots of Lindos, i’m too jealous to comment 😉

    Mel x

  • Laura Torninoja

    I can’t handle how clear that water is – so gorgeous! x

    Laura // Middle of Adventure

  • What a wonderful place! 🙂

  • Oooft Rhodes looks beautiful… And so does that feta and watermelon salad! Dreamy. Immy x

  • Rach

    It’s so cute there! I would have never though to check Rhodes but now I want to!

  • I haven’t been to Greece in years and am so keen to again. I’ve not been to Rhodes or Symi. Have you any hotels you’d particularly recommend? Ah I’d love to eat some Greek food now…


  • This town is just breathtaking!


    Tamara –

  • Such a beautiful place 🙂

  • Jana Gr.

    Half an hour ago I just looked at photos from when I visited Lindos a
    few years ago. Now that you show again how beautiful it is, I really
    want to go to any Greek island for vacation.

  • I went to City of Rhodes last summer and absolutely loved it. A visit to Lindos was recommended, unfortunately we didn’t have time to go since the stop was part of a cruise.

  • Gorgeous photos. My sister got married in the chapel at St Pauls and this bought back fond memories from the trip 🙂

  • Beautiful post, Greece is so amazing. I have been to Lindos and it is a lovely place to visit. So great to see you enjoyed your trip.
    Lots of love xx

  • Paul Scarth

    Great photos. All the better to be put together with a story. Great post.

  • The mix of cultire and architecture is just too beautiful – must make a visit happen!

    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Beauty Wellbeing

  • This looks incredible – definitely a little paradise worth exploring!

  • Tasheeni VickNeshwaran

    Greece is so amazing. I’m definitely adding Lindos to by travel wishlist.

  • Kristy Moylan

    I am absolutely in love with those sandals, but the link only goes to ones for children and their women’s section doesn’t carry them. Could you let me know the brand of the pair you wore in the photos, or could you recommend another one?