Picnic With The Boys

I made sure to make the most of that brief little glimpse of summer London treated us to.

As soon as we all closed up shop for the day (Custard has a very busy work life), the boys and I headed to one of our favourite places.

You could say it’s pretty deer to our hearts…

Cherry print dress

Embroidered denim jacket

Embroidered trainers // Round basket bag

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It always amazes me how many long-term Londoners I chat to who have yet to explore or enjoy the wonders of Richmond park.

It truly is one of the London’s most precious gems, and one of the few places in a city of millions that you can feel truly alone and at one with nature.

City picnic spots don’t come much better than this!

And no-one loves a picnic blanket more than this guy…

Spread out, fluffed and patted down by the connoisseur himself, we made ourselves at home.

Soaking up the warm evening light, with our trusty bouncer keeping the riff-raff at bay.

We cracked open the hastily packed picnic basket (a quick pit-stop at Partridges was all it took!)

And as middle-aged as it may be, I couldn’t help but experience a little thrill at giving my new picnic set its first outing!

I found it online and was seduced by its floral lining and matching napkins.

Yep, peak middle-age.

White picnic basket // Blue rug

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We nibbled away, cuddled up as a contented little family and watched the world go by.

Which really only consisted of a few locals doing the same.

If for some reason you still haven’t made it out to Richmond Park (despite my frequent advice, tsk tsk) then make it happen this summer.

Take a blanket, a pork pie and a couple’a cuties to cuddle.

You have no i-deer what you’re missing!

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