Coffee ‘n’ Books

If you should find yourself in Marylebone with a little time on your hands, you should consider yourself very lucky indeed.

A somewhat underrated part of London if you ask me. People tend to nip into a restaurant, go to the pub after work or just bustle through on their way elsewhere.

Meaning you almost always get these pretty shop-lined streets to yourself.

Rows of painted chocolate boxes to rival anything in Notting Hill, but far less appreciated.

In fact one or two are just bursting for you to notice them!

Be sure to pay a visit to 38 Chiltern Street for the most spectacular window display, which drifts out through the glass as though the window was nothing but the surface of a garden pool, and creeps up the side of the building.

If my hair’s looking particularly glossy, I take no credit.

Fresh from the hairdresser, Michael Van Clarke, around the corner and between meetings T and I strolled off for coffee.

Although maybe your eye’s drawn by something else…

It’s new and I haven’t taken it off!

Big enough for the essentials, small enough to wear cross body and feel like you’re not carrying a bag at all. Ideal for hands-in-pockets weather.

I think this style as sold out, but I’ll pop a few options in the slider below – and a few budget friendly options below that.

Use the arrows!

A new term warrants a new book bag, after all!

For coffee in Marylebone you have to go to Monocle.

Beneath its striped awning you’ll find all manner of surprises, including some of the best coffee in London.

Should you decide to brave the cold and sit al-fresco, you can add a delicious side of people watching to your order.

Just across the st. from the famed Chiltern Firehouse, you can watch the glamazons slip in and out of those big black gates.

You could always pop in for a cocktail beside the fire if you like, but I have a better idea.

Take a short walk to heaven.

And by heaven I mean Daunt Books.

A proper bookshop and treasure trove of literary wonders.

You can take your time, wander, take a seat, immerse yourself in someone else’s world.

The staff will leave you be, there’s no hard selling or rushing.

It offers quite the change of pace from ordering on Amazon!

Downstairs is an Aladdin’s Cave of travel books and bound adventures.

Cream coat

Black jumper // Black belt

Black jeans

Black boots (half price – comfiest I own)

Just the place to settle down and plan an adventure…

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  • I love these types of post!! Now I’m craving coffee and a good book <3



  • This is probably the most random question ever, but… do you work out, Rosie?

    Cristina | *janded

  • So glad you have introduced me to this part of London!

    Never really heard of it before, and as soon as I saw coffee and books in the title I immediately clicked, two of my favourite things 🙂

    Heather x

    • Suzan Walsh

      I live round the corner from this street and I agree it is superb….

  • G

    Just curious – were these pictures taken very early in the morning, before lots of shops were open? I have never, ever seen Marylebone that quiet…or heard anyone say you’ll have it to yourself! If there’s a secret time at which it’s that quiet though, and the shops are open, I’d love to be in the know!

  • Love the photos … Such beautiful sceneries of the streets of Londres. So fabulous! 🙂

    ❤LA BIJOUX BELLA❤ | BY MIA | A Creative Lifestyle Blog

  • The Prada bag is the cutest thing I’ve seen around lately. I’m in love!

  • marie from heartfelt hunt

    your hair is absolutely gorgeous!!! <3 <3 <3


  • Rosie – what an amazing find! I work just around the corner from here and I had no idea that this particular Daunt shop was so beautiful. A perfect way to spend a dreary January afternoon. Thanks for the tip!


  • reading this as i drink coffee, lol.

  • Laura Torninoja

    That street filled with those pastel coloured shops looks so cute – how have I never wandered that way before?! This must be rectified immediately, haha. That cinnamon bun is almost enough to tempt me on its own!

    Laura // Middle of Adventure

  • Suzan Walsh

    Whilst you were in Chiltern Street you should have popped into Bharti Vyas and had the most sublime facial ever….

  • That bag is GORGEOUS! I just love the details. It’s so celestial! Bookstores are my favorite to get lost in. Great post!

  • Hi Rosie,
    nice post! Can’t imagine there could be anyone who would not fall in love with Daunt Books 🙂

    I’ve been reading your blog for a couple of months, admiring beautiful photos, dreaming about London – the city I’ve got fascinated by since the first visit. But reading today’s post was diffrent – I’ve been a Londoner myself for two weeks. Just today I was in Marylebone and at Daunt… I’m busy exploring my new home 🙂 Than you for inspiration and – in advance – any suggestions and advice what to see&taste, where to go.

    Take care!
    Eshet Chayil

  • Caroline Kraus

    That book shop looks amazing! I will definitely check it out next time I am in London.


  • I get way too excited over bookstores. This one looks spectacular!

  • I have never paid much attention to Marylebone though because of the train station I do spend awfully lots of time there… Need to change that!

  • Daunt looks like suuuch a good bookshop! I get overexcited in cool bookshops and end up getting weird heart palpitations whilst I spend all my wages on books… I have about 100 unread books at home without even the slightest exaggeration! xxx
    Lucy @ La Lingua | Life, Travel, Italy

  • wow both the coffee and the library looks so nice. I miss London 🙁

  • Joules

    I would never leave that bookstore. It’s gorgeous!

    Thanks for providing the more affordable options on the bag, by the way. 🙂

    Style by Joules

  • Roxanne

    Beautiful post, lovely pictures and oh my godness, that Prada bag is to die for!

  • I definitely don’t appreciate Marylebone enough, in fact I can’t remember the last time I found myself there & now I’m desperate to go! One to put on the Sunday to do list for sure!

  • Oh my goodness- LOVE that bag!

  • Kate

    What a stunning book shop! That bag is rather lovely too… x

    Kate Louise Blogs

  • The coffee shop and book store both look amazing, that coffee looks deeeee-lish!

    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Beauty Wellbeing

  • Love, love, love your shoulder bag!x

  • Zara

    This was a great post. The bookshop looks incredible, I love it when you are allowed to peruse the aisles and take your time over choosing the books. People watching in coffee shops is also one of my favourite things ha! x

  • 1. LOVE the bag and your boots. You look amazing!
    2. Monocle is one of my favorite cafes! I always try to make it there when I’m in London.
    3. That book store is porn. It’s amazing. I need to go to there.

    x, Tyler |

  • Yay! More London posts please!!

  • This sounds like my perfect afternoon! Coffee, pastry and a little potter around a book shop. You are right about Marylebone, I work here and there are SO many undiscovered gems! Also your bag is juuuuusttt <3 Immy x

  • Marylebone is such a gorgeous part of London – love that window display!

    Miriam x

  • Liselotte Ballesteros

    This post made me feel like everything is right in the world once again <3 so lovely!

  • Oh the bookshop looks so stunning and this seems like a lovely day out for this time of year

    Mel ★

  • That coat is amazing and I LOVE this bag!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  • I always past this place because us moms are always in a rush to get to places! I must make an effort next time to stop by!
    It is missing a little coffee shop inside hehe

  • Your posts make me wanna jump on a plane now and move to London…


    Tamara –
    Winter Skincare Routine Video

  • I’m visiting London in the summer & looking forward to exploring the neighborhoods I didn’t get to previously. Adding this to the list!


  • Nicola Chipps

    isn’t the smell of all those pages of paper, with a faintest whiff of coffee just such an exhale and inspiration?

  • Ektaa Kumar

    You cannot beat a fantastic cup of coffee! View London from another perspective…

    The Little Londonist x

  • Leanne

    Oh my goodness this book shop is incredible. I would spend hours and hours here!

    Arum Lilea

  • Nailah Hayward

    I must get to that book store next time in London. Years ago I lived in Marylebone and thought it was such a wonderful place to be!