Decatur, Dalston

I have a new restaurant obsession.

The fact it’s about three days travel* from my house is something of an inconvenience, but this place is worth the slog. Trust me.

*Slight exaggeration.

Welcome to Decatur, at Pamela.

Decatur - Louisiana Specialties in London-1

Decatur - Louisiana Specialties in London-2

Little confused?

Pamela is a bar, a sort of ironic 90s bar with pictures of Pamela Anderson plastering the walls, watching you get plastered.

Decatur - Louisiana Specialties in London-3

Decatur - Louisiana Specialties in London-4

Decatur have taken over the kitchens.

Bringing the finest Louisianan specialities to London.

All coming together in a marriage of excellent cocktails and exceptional food. The marriage we all aspire to.

Decatur - Louisiana Specialties in London-5

Now, I’d heard about the oysters and they were the original reason I was willing to trek to Dalston.

Why did I drag my friends with me?

Well because I’m shellfish.

You can choose to have your slippery little suckers two ways, au natural, or grilled swimming in spicy garlic butter.

Decatur - Louisiana Specialties in London-6

Silly question, I know.

Of course you’ll take the buttery option.

Decatur - Louisiana Specialties in London-7

Those who are a little turned off by the idea of cooked oysters, don’t be. They’re really no different to a scallop.

Warm, plump and glistening in their salty, spicy, garlicky bath of molten butter.

Decatur - Louisiana Specialties in London-8

Slurp it all down in one swoop, and mop up the rest with crunchy bread.

Washed down with a few more of Pamela’s finest, naturally.

Decatur - Louisiana Specialties in London-9

We proceeded to work our way through the rest of the menu.

For scientific purposes, of course.

Decatur - Louisiana Specialties in London-10

Devilled eggs, a retro favourite.

Decatur - Louisiana Specialties in London-11

Puffed pork scratchings with a sharp vinegar to dip into.

Decatur - Louisiana Specialties in London-12

Exceptionally good charred okra, with whipped ricotta and red pepper jelly.

Decatur - Louisiana Specialties in London-13

Catfish goujons, not sure I’d have these again.

Decatur - Louisiana Specialties in London-14

The Pork Boudin Balls however, are a triumph.

As were the lettuce wedges, amazingly enough.

Decatur - Louisiana Specialties in London-15

Drenched in a delicious dressing and sprinkled liberally with bacon bits.

Decatur - Louisiana Specialties in London-16

The whole fried quail is fiddly but worth it.

Decatur - Louisiana Specialties in London-17

I must admit I’ve never had “Beer Cheese” and wouldn’t have ordered it had the waiter not insisted.

My life has been wasted up until this point.

Why was a waiter the first person to tell me of this creation?!

It’s despicable, blended cheese and beer that you dip hot garlic rubbed toast into and devour without sharing with anyone else at your table. Just tell them it’s terrible. Try not to moan with joy.

Decatur - Louisiana Specialties in London-18

Fingerling potatoes were an all round hit. Crispy, then fluffy.

Decatur - Louisiana Specialties in London-19

Buffalo wings so good, though our lips still sting from the spice now.

Decatur - Louisiana Specialties in London-20

Heirloom carrots felt somewhat out of place after all that badness, but a pleasant surprise.

In short, you need to pay Pamela a visit.

Take a group, wear your stretchy trousers.

Go all out, Louisiana style, under the watchful eye of the 90s queen herself;

Decatur - Louisiana Specialties in London-21

Find them here.

Go for dinner 6pm – 11pm Tues – Sun (1am Fri/Sat) or brunch on Sundays 11am – 4pm.

And, you’ll never believe this…

…You can book tables!
020 7686 3212


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  • A delicious restaurant where you can book tables?! Now that’s a winner – though Dalston is just oh so far! I think the look of some of these dishes might just be worth it though; it’s always worth traveling for a good oyster!

    Lauren xx | The Lifestyle Diaries

  • Looks like a fab place – I’m sold instantly on the charred okra with whipped ricotta. Actually any kind of whipped cheese is good in my books. xx

  • Well, that’s a worthwhile discovery! It looks so cult, I love it! Reminds me of the age of innocence, my teenage youth…no guilts to indulge, wear your tulle Cyndi Lauper tulle skirt and go! That’s the feeling I get. Thanks for sharing hun!

  • Oh dear lord, why is it still dry January……..gah!! Beer cheese doesn’t count right?

  • Wonderful and whimsical

    That looks like such a great restaurant! I love new finds!!

    I just posted one of my favorite winter recipes!

  • This food looks entirely different to the usual fodder that I go for, and utterly delicious! It does sound a bit of a trek but sometimes you have to go on a little adventure! Thanks for the tip! (P.s. after seeing your post all the way back in the summer I finally made it to Sketch and had a blast so thanks for that recommendation too!)

    Laura xx | Loved By Laura

  • Oh gosh this all looks so good! I’m off to find some beer cheese immediately.

  • Little Miss Notting Hill

    OOOOh this looks really cool. I’m obsessed with Louisiana food since I went a couple years ago so this looks right up my street – thanks for the find Rosie! Not sure I’m brave enough to try an oyster right enough…!xx

  • Ooooh gad damn, everything looks just beautiful! Immy x

  • Melanie Snyder

    You should take a trip to Louisiana some time, you would be amazed on many levels! I love your blogs.

  • I’m a vegetarian, but even so, I always love your food posts so much! Keep them coming! 😉

  • Merin Tom

    Oh Wow!! Such a lovely POsT!! I’ve pinned the place on my maps hehe:)


  • The food looks incredible, will definitely try and pop by when I move to London in the summer!


  • Claire Plauche

    I’m a Louisiana girl & this makes my heart so happy that a little *taste* of our culture has made it across the pond! Glad you enjoyed it, maybe New Orleans will be next on your bucket list!

    xx-Claire Plauche | Créme de la Claire

  • This place sounds so great and the the food looks delicious. (then again I say that about all food :P) Great food trip with friends! -Maireem

    My Fair Autumn | Instagram

  • Oooh, I love beer cheese and make it all the time!! I’ve never seen it in the UK though so must try the Decatur version. All the food looks incredibly tasty – definitely worth a trip to Dalston! xxx

  • Looking at this post just before lunch is proving almost too much for me….my mouth is watering!!! Everything looks so yummy! Well done for capturing such good pics on a low light environment. xx

  • Yuuuummmm! It all looks so delicious.
    Hugs Adele xoxo

  • What an outrageous amount of food – looks good though! Lots of love, Andrea xxx

    Andrea’s Passions

  • Im on this diet and looking at this photos makes me question why do I diet?! huhuhuhu
    I’d love to visit someday!

  • This food looks so delicious! I cannot believe you have never had beer cheese before! You will have to try beer cheese soup one day. 🙂

  • Becca

    Ahh as someone who lives in louisiana, I see little resemblance (oysters aside of course). But looks delish nonetheless!

  • Everything likes SO delicious!
    Can we expect a recreate of beer cheese? I feel like this is something I most definitely have to try! xo