Country Casual

Picnicking may just be the best part of spring, summer and early autumn put together.

Stretching out on a blanket with the sun beaming down on you, cold drink in hand, belly full of sandwiches, sausages and wotnot… there’s just nothing like it.

Luckily for me, the rest of the clan agree.

So we spent a gloriously sunny afternoon walking the dogs down to our favourite picnic hollow.

Somerset Blog-1

Somerset Blog-2

Somerset Blog-3

Somerset Blog-4

All coordinating rather spectacularly (and unintentionally) in summer linens.

You’ll never guess where from.

Go on have a guess.

Now take a look.*

Amazing, right?! We were all equally excited about this news! (Clearly.)

*If you guessed correctly you get 100 House Points and a hat tip from me. 

Somerset Blog-5

Somerset Blog-6

Somerset Blog-7

Somerset Blog-8

Somerset Blog-9

Linen jacket // Linen shirt // Jeans // Deck shoes

Somerset Blog-10

^ Favourite photo of all time!

Somerset Blog-11

Linen shirt // Jeans // Boots

Somerset Blog-12

Blue linen dress // Yellow knit // Boots

Somerset Blog-13

White trousers // Striped top // Bangles

Somerset Blog-14

Somerset Blog-15

We found our spot just as the sun was setting in the hollow.

Somerset Blog-16

The golden light with the Midas touch.

We played a family variation of Cricket, using the dogs as fielders. (Hector always wins.)

Somerset Blog-17

Somerset Blog-18

Somerset Blog-19

Before settling down for a lazy afternoon in the lush grass, basking in the afternoon glow.

Somerset Blog-20

Somerset Blog-21

Uniqlo know I’ve been a fan of theirs for many years, which is why they sent over the new collection for us to put through it’s paces.

Harry was particularly excited by his shirts and jacket, as it’ll be much more comfortable on the tube all summer.

(If you’ve never ridden The Underground during rush hour in sunny London, count yourself lucky! One day we’ll get air-con like NYC, but until then, light-weight linens and cotton all round.)

Somerset Blog-22

Or we can all just move to the country.

Which is an idea I just can’t stop thinking about, in my old age!

I’m over drinking champagne in nightclubs, I’d rather drink it in a field, surrounded by dogs any day.

Somerset Blog-23

Somerset Blog-24

Somerset Blog-25

Somerset Blog-26

Somerset Blog-27

Somerset Blog-28

Somerset Blog-29

Somerset Blog-30

Somerset Blog-31

Somerset Blog-32

Somerset Blog-33

Somerset Blog-34

Don’t tell the others, but Hector is secretly my favourite.

Somerset Blog-35

Although Pushinka is growing fast! She’s a bit of a corker too.


Somerset Blog-36

And this guy really doesn’t need any introduction!

Somerset Blog-37

Somerset Blog-38

Somerset Blog-39

Whatever you get up to this weekend, I hope you get a drop of sunshine, a glass of bubbles and a belly load of laughs with people you love.

There’s no better medicine for the soul.

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  • You look like a super happy family..Pps. I love your dress 🙂

    I’m running a GHD eclipse giveaway, if you’re interested, check this link:

    little taste of heaven

  • This is adorable… now all I want to do is go picnic in linens! It’s never too early to plan for Christmas card photos – I think you have a wonderful bunch to choose from just from this batch!

  • Kas

    Never commented before but have been reading your blog for a little time and love it! I’m revising for university exams at the moment and this is perfect reading for my breaks (reminds me of what I’d really like to be doing!) Thanks!
    Also, gorgeous looking picnic.
    Kas x

  • Lovely photos!
    Absolutely adore the one of your dad with custard in the hamper! xo

  • these shots are like paintings. gorgeous!

  • Oh this may be my favourite ever post from you – gorgeous photos of a gorgeous family, and that photo in a basket is so funny! x

  • You must have a fantastic photographer (& camera!) cos those pictures are absolutely beautiful. Looks like a perfect afternoon, Rosie! Love how close your family are 🙂 Might have to check out Uniqlo as well…

  • mariel

    sounds like such a lovely time with the family, love your dogs <3

  • Love this completely different photography style. So lovely to see you with the fam too 🙂


  • Luxx Mint

    This is like a Ralph Lauren advert…! Gorgeous.


  • This is so great! Waiting for the warmer weather to hit us across the pond… can’t wait for picnics like this!

  • How lucky you are! What a great family portrait! I love the fact that you enjoy so many moments with your family, it really makes me smile at every post!

    Céline from Larry & Co.

  • Amanda McCarthy

    I have to ask – what dog breed are Hector and Pushinka??

  • Your photos are always so awesome and different!

    XoXo One Stiletto At A Time

  • You all look like the most fabulous family I’ve ever seen! Can’t believe how green the grass is. And I love the idea of champagne in teacups! Very sophisticated 😛 xx

  • Dickiegirl

    Gorgeous post, lovely photos, makes me want to go home to the shire and have some family (bubbles) time!

  • Christina

    I literally read this and went to Uniqlo on my lunch break to buy your outfit and your mums sweater!! SO PERF!! Thank you for sharing xxxxxxx

  • Your dogs are so adorable! These photos are gorgeous and very evocative, love it!

    Tessa at Bramble & Thorn

  • This is such an adorable post! Looks like you had an amazing afternoon spending time with your family and dogs!!

  • I love how you get the whole family involved in your posts. The shot with your Dad & Custard in the basket is fabulous! As I dog lover myself (I have a German Shepherd, Miniature Poodle & Pug) I totally agree with you about drinking Champers in the country!
    Hugs Adele xoxo

  • This has to be my favourite post of yours yet! Those dogs are so precious and this looks like my dream afternoon!
    Michaela X

  • CMJ R

    These are beautiful photos! Were they taken with the Olympia camera from a few posts back?

    xo Cait

  • LOVE the dress! You look so happy – looks like an amazing day out!

    Lauren xx
    The Lifestyle Diaries

  • Beautiful as ever Rose!

    Lauren x

  • Such lovely photos. Nothing better than sitting in the grass with a glass of champagne and the dogs running about <3

  • So lovely, so green, so English 🙂

  • Such lovely photos! Nothing better than sitting in the grass with a glass of champagne and the dogs running around <3

  • Yessssssssssssssssss!!!! Love UNIQLO!!! Particularly living here in South Korea where it’s difficult to find things that fit me and are of decent quality. My friend and I make trips to the nearby city specifically for this store. It’s fabulous.

    Side note and complete unrelated to this post: My friend is your doppelganger almost to a T, and she happens to live in New York City!

  • What a gorgeous family. X

  • You look like such a happy family.

    Picture perfect.

    Petite Side of Style

  • Yay a family post! I love these – they’re my fave. I about died when I scrolled to the picture of C in that picnic basket. I love that dog. Have a great weekend, Rosie!

  • I love these kind of posts of yours, so relaxed and happy and drinking champagne out of tea cups! Ahhh.. the simple joys of life 🙂

    Lots of love,
    SilverSpoon London

  • Kate

    This looks like such a fun picnic. And really, what could be better than champagne in teacups in the country!?!?


  • Helena

    This looks so cozy! Such a lovely family. You all look great in your Uniqlo outfits.

  • This is like a 90’s Ralph Lauren catalog spread! Love it, hope to be getting my own picnic basket together this spring! – a clean eating bento blog

  • Leanne

    These pictures look like a Jack Wills campaign! What a picture perfect British family you have! xx

  • Tal
  • Rosie, you are so blessed to have such fabulous parents who are still together and have provided such a wonderful life for you 🙂

  • Julia Engel

    Rose! This post is so incredibly beautiful and makes T and I want to come visit stat!

    xx Julia

  • Love the sweater your mom is wearing! Perfect for spring!


  • I love your country posts! They’re always so beautiful! I totally know what you mean about wanting to move there. People always want to go to England for London but I want to go for the countryside!

  • Kate

    Gorgeous family snaps! x
    Kate Louise Blogs

  • Gorgeous pictures – love all the pooches. Hopefully we’ll get some weekend sun so I can head outdoors more more than a lunch break!
    Claire |

  • Spring picnics with the family, you can’t beat it! I really want some nice linen trousers for the summer season, will have to check out Uniqlo!

    Lauren x

    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Fashion Beauty –

  • I love this post so so much! Your smile looks truly the happiest when you’re with family. Every picture is perfection! And drinking champaign from those cute tea cups is the cutest idea!


  • Susan Michelle

    Just lovely! Like others, I’m terribly curious about the photography! May I ask what camera/lense/etc. are used here?

  • Sofia

    Beautiful photos, looks like a Ralph Lauren ad photographed by Bruce Weber in the 80s and early 90s. 🙂

    • Rosie

      The dream!

  • These photos are absolutely gorgeous! What a good looking family. Who took these photos? Whoever it was is a wonderful photographer 🙂

    • Rosie

      My boyfriend! xx

  • These pictures are OUT OF CONTROL fabulous.

  • Natasha Lancaster

    You look like a royalty, stunning photos. Absolutely in love with your dogs x

  • Natasha Lancaster

    You look like royalty, stunning photos. Love your dogs

  • picnics are the best… lovely pics!

    Valentina Duracinsky Blog

  • What a glorious weekend!

  • Queenie Lee
  • Looks absolutely lovely! Great photos….Uniqlo is very big over here in Manila as well they have some really great things.


  • Love this! Your dress is gorgeous!

  • Julia

    This post is adorable! You guys look like something right of the Hilfiger Family ads, picture perfect! And it does look like the perfect picnic spots. Being able to eat outside is hands down one of my favorite parts about summer 😀

  • Stunning photographs! I’m sure these are pictures your family will cherish forever 🙂 also love the champagne out of teacups! too cute

    xo Stephanie

  • Your family posts are always my favorite! I’m over drinking in nightclubs too. No matter how much I fight it I’m an adult now!

    Silly Medley: Lifestyle and Travel

  • Daisy Grace

    You and your mumma definitely need a pair of Fairfax and Favor boots to complete that gorgeous country look. Should hopefully be doing something similar tomorrow and you’ve given me some perfect outfit inspiration/envy!

  • Claire

    Who was taking the photos? 🙂

  • love all the vintage vibe, you family looks super happy!


  • Kendyl Vega

    So beautiful!

  • This is so perfect! It is basically a magazine advert!

    As ever, love your hair, love your life!

    Rachel x

    The Inelegant Wench

  • What brilliant photos. Literally the PERFECT fam!

    Love the champers in teacups, too!

    Georgina – smashbox palette giveaway!

  • I absolutely love these photos and you and your family look so happy together!

    Danika Maia


  • Monica V

    This might be my favorite post you’ve every done. So beautifully photographed and absolutely candid and happy, it’s refreshing to see a wonderfully compatible family (not to mention attractive in all ways) spend quality time with one another. Feeling inspiration to run home and get my family together for an outdoor session soon 🙂
    Thanks for showcasing what is beautiful in the world! xo

  • Emma and Emily

    Absolutely gorgeous family you have Rose!

    Emily x

  • I.L.U

    You guys look like you’ve jumped out of a Tommy Hilfiger catalogue!! Such a lovely family & dogs plan!!

  • Steph @ Lipstick & Cake

    What a lovely family picnic!

  • Miara Matheson

    These pictures are adorable. Who takes your pictures when you’re all in them?

  • Manda

    Who is behind the camera!

  • Kate James

    Who takes all your photos? They look amazing

  • Kristy
  • Rosie

    She’s a real adrenaline junkie!

  • Victoria

    Ohmygosh, running round bare-foot in cool, luscious, green grass takes me RIGHT back to childhood! Wow!

  • You all look stunning. what a fabulous champagne picnic. My absolute favourite xx

  • Rosie, this post is just so cute. you get so much chance to have this family. It’s like a dream..
    I have a question that I want to ask you so much. Who took those pictures in this post for exemple? (I know i’m very very curious). Thank you for everything you share with us. Love from Paris

  • I.L.U

    BTW…. this post has just made me buy the cutest picnic basket ever……ANNDDD, I rarely go on picnics!! (Now I HAVE TO!!) Hahaha…..

  • Amazing photos with your family! And I love that you are drinking champagne from teacups.

  • Champagne in tea cups is just the cutest, and I love your family!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  • bloody love this post, fab shots

    Mel x

  • goundy

    I very much like your mums sense of fashion. 😀

  • Adaleta Avdic

    The first few images literally looked like they were from a tv commercial or a lovely ad. They’re flawless & so adorable! xx, Ada

  • Nikki Hillan

    These photos are stunning!

  • You all look so posh and classy! Love these photos

  • Kiki
  • Rchelle

    So beautiful…..I just found your blog this morning, and I am loving it….trying to get some work done and I’m caught up in virtual travelling, lol.

  • Ah this is just the loveliest post. x