Granger & Co Pancakes – At Home!

Now, I have told you about the magical wonder of Granger & Co. many a time.

Their dreamy crisp white interiors, charming staff, lip smacking lattes and stacks of ricotta pancakes have people queuing through Notting Hill every. single. Sunday.

The pancakes are thick, puffy, cloud like things. Topped with honeycomb butter, flanked by sliced banana and drizzled in sweet syrup.

They truly are very special.

Having said that, there are very few things in this world I’m willing to queue for;

Passport control? Fine. (Though I’d marry a diplomat in a second if it meant skipping those!)

Breakfast? Not so much.

So, why not join me in skipping the queue this Sunday? Whip up a stack of fluffy pancakes in your own kitchen!

Bill Granger Ricotta Pancake Recipe-1

After all, it is Mother’s Day on Sunday.

You could set her a special tray and really wow her in the bedroom (unless dad has beaten you to it!).

Bill Granger Ricotta Pancake Recipe-2

Pull on your pjs, pop some music on and have a little bed party!

Bill Granger Ricotta Pancake Recipe-3

We’re using Bill Granger’s own recipe. It sounds a lot trickier than it really is. Trust me, once you get going you’ll love it! And once you’ve made them once, you’ll never look back.

For the honeycomb butter:

100 g unsalted butter, room temp
50 g sugar honeycomb, (or a Crunchie bar), crushed
1tsp honey

For the ricotta pancakes:

340 g ricotta cheese
190 ml milk
4 eggs, separated
125 g plain flour
1 tsp baking powder
1 pinch salt
50 g butter

1 sliced banana

Start by crushing up your honeycomb.

Bill Granger Ricotta Pancake Recipe-4

Stir through your butter, with 1stp of good honey until it’s all evenly distributed.

Bill Granger Ricotta Pancake Recipe-5

Blob it onto some clingfilm, roll into a cheeky sausage.

Bill Granger Ricotta Pancake Recipe-6

Pop into the fridge for an hour+ or drop into the freezer for 10mins.

Now crack on with your pancakes!

Mix the ricotta, milk and egg yolks together in a large bowl until smooth. Sift together the flour, baking powder and salt and slowly mix in to the batter. Until it looks like this:

Bill Granger Ricotta Pancake Recipe-7

In a separate bowl whisk your egg whites until they turn to clouds.

Bill Granger Ricotta Pancake Recipe-8

In two parts, gently fold the clouds into the batter.

Use a metal spoon and try and not to knock out the air from your eggs.

Bill Granger Ricotta Pancake Recipe-9

The batter will stay good for about 24hours from this point, so feel free to refrigerate overnight if you’re feeling organised.

Now you’re ready to do some cookin’!

Pop a pan onto a medium heat and add a little butter.

Once it’s sizzling, add three tablespoons of batter as one pancake puddle.

Cook until bubbles appear on top, then flip.

Bill Granger Ricotta Pancake Recipe-10

Cook for another minute and gently start to stack them up on a warm plate.

Add a sliced banana and a coin of your tasty new butter.

Throw a shot of syrup onto the tray, maybe some berries and a few blooms.

Bill Granger Ricotta Pancake Recipe-11

Congratulations, you just won Mother’s Day!

Bill Granger Ricotta Pancake Recipe-12

Bill Granger Ricotta Pancake Recipe-13

Bill Granger Ricotta Pancake Recipe-14

Bill Granger Ricotta Pancake Recipe-15

Bill Granger Ricotta Pancake Recipe-16

Bill Granger Ricotta Pancake Recipe-17

If you’re wondering about the cone on the bedside table, it’s an Aether Cone.

Bill Granger Ricotta Pancake Recipe-18

^ Beautifully modelled by Kate Moss, eye see!

I originally acquired it as a Mother’s Day gift.

Mum obsesses over sound quality and likes to really blast her music in her workshop! This lil’ guy gets to know what music you enjoy and plays things it thinks you’ll like. Seeing as I can’t always be home to chat to her when she’s working, or introduce her to new music, I thought it would be a nice little buddy to sit next to her!

What a wonderful daughter!

Well, I unpacked it to set it up… and fell in love so I don’t think I can give it to her!

Not quite so wonderful.

But look! Pancakes!

Bill Granger Ricotta Pancake Recipe-19

Ps. Don’t forget, if you’re not in the UK you’ll have a different Mother’s Day date.

Just incase you were thinking “Wow, that really crêpe’d up on me!”


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  • Those pancakes look seriously divine! A perfect Mother’s Day treat. Honeycomb butter just sounds like heaven. I’d never heard of an Aether Cone! Going to check it out more thoroughly now. xxx

  • Alexis

    Ah, Bill’s pancakes! So beautiful, a bit of a Sunday treat in our household – I think it’s a rite of passage for Aussies to queue at Bill’s for brunch 🙂

    I’ve just discovered your blog and it is absolute stunning, a triumph! A really close girlfriend of mine lives in London now and when I read this, I can almost imagine her days filled with all that London offers.

    • Best pancakes! And they’re HUGE. Worth the wait.

      • Alexis

        So true – pretty much the only brekky I’ll wait around for 😉

  • Honeycomb butter sounds amazing, what a lovely idea for mother’s day, will be giving these a go Asap!!! xx

  • catherine ♡

    These look amazing! Love the sound of the honeycomb butter x

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    Honeycomb in pancakes! How could I have overlooked such brilliance?

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    Lauren xx

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  • OrangeChampagne

    These look amazing!! I shared a recipe on my blog for clean eating/dairy-free pancakes last week 🙂


  • That looks SOOOOOO delicious. Wish I was having these for lunch, my tummy is grumbling just by looking at these! Never had ricotta pancakes nor honeycomb butter, the combination sounds heavenly.


  • Ahhh I completely forgot it’s Mothers day in the UK! Thank you so much for reminding me, I’ll have to get some flowers sent to Somerset!xx

  • Angela Kwashie

    I am obsessed with trying different varieties of pancakes at the moment. Unfortunately my mum is in Ghana for Mothering Sunday so I will eat them for two 🙂

  • Honeycomb butter on pancakes? Ok, you win. I’d stand in a queue for this pancakes!! They look so fluffy with the whipped egg whites – an amazing ingredient in baking!


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    This looks so delish! Gonna try this wknd 🙂

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    They look SO DELICIOUS!


  • I was wondering why you were referring to Mother’s Day sooo early haha. We don’t celebrate the holiday until May in the U.S. Will definitely bookmark this recipe for when that time arrives 🙂

  • Beth

    You are such a master of those pouring shots – it’s a skill that I just don’t have yet! 🙂 Your mom is lovely, hope you have a great time spoiling her! xo, Beth @ Full on Joy

  • These look so delicious, thanks for sharing.
    Can’t wait for the weekend when I’ll finally have time for a super long breakky 🙂

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  • Macy W

    A sincere “thank you” to you for making those of us who can’t exactly cook, per se, feel like we can. Oh! And I have a request – I would so love to see your interior design thoughts/preferences/practices in a post someday. The glimpse of details you give in your posts always makes me wonder about what your place looks like because I imagine it is nothing short of a dream (mostly because I love that table linen you use in your foodie posts; it’s so ‘blue-tiful’). Okay, that is all I have.
    happy happy day


  • I love your food posts, you make the most simple of foods look truly beautiful! Happy UK Mother’s day to your lovely mom!


  • Queenie Lee
  • THANK YOU for posting about Granger & Co’s cookbooks! I’ve just ordered three of them. Searching on the US Amazon site didn’t show the books, so your link is greatly appreciated. Meals there were some of my favorite from my time in London.

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