Rubenesque Lunch

If you’re into your paintings, if you’re into art, or even if you’re just into naked ladies… you’re going to want to make a trip to The Royal Academy.

The Rubens exhibition is exceptionally brilliant and well worth braving the crowd of lozenge suckers to go and see.

Rubens London Exhibition-1

Rubens London Exhibition-2

Rubens London Exhibition-3

The courtyard is a particularly lovely sun trap, and the perfect place to soak up a little Vitamin D while you’re there.

Rubens London Exhibition-4

Or y’know, just pose up a storm…

Rubens London Exhibition-5

Rubens London Exhibition-6

Rubens London Exhibition-7

Inside you can rub shoulders with the masters.

Get up and close with timeless classics.

And generally swoon over some seriously iconic brushstrokes.


Rubens London Exhibition-8

Also, boobs.

Rubens London Exhibition-9

Rubens London Exhibition-10

Rubens London Exhibition-11

Rubens London Exhibition-12

Rubens London Exhibition-13

Rubens London Exhibition-14

Rubens London Exhibition-15

Rubens London Exhibition-16

Rubens London Exhibition-17

Rubens London Exhibition-18

“The Tiger Hunt” by Rubens from 1615 is my favourite of all the pieces on show.
The movement, violence, and perfect detail are just astounding. Especially when you consider its size.

Rubens London Exhibition-19

Rubens London Exhibition-20

Rubens London Exhibition-21

Outside there’s more than a few props if you’re the sort of person who likes to write their own musicals, from time to time.

Rubens London Exhibition-22

Which is a totally normal thing to do, FYI.

Rubens London Exhibition-23

Rubens London Exhibition-24

Rubens London Exhibition-25

Baby blue coat // White polo // Skinny jeans (Unripped)

Blue Nikes // YSL shoulder bag

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Stack of Silver May Love Bangles

Rubens London Exhibition-26

Rubens London Exhibition-27

But enough fashion. I promised you lunch! Let’s go…

Rubens London Exhibition-28

Le Caprice is an old London favourite.

If there’s a sharp-suited businessman in your life, I guarantee he’s been there for lunch.

Well, now they’re reaching out to arty types.

When you book your table for a late lunch, they’ll throw in your gallery tickets, a cocktail and food, for £39.

Which is very civilised indeed.

Rubens London Exhibition-29

Rubens London Exhibition-30

(Ok, I did go slightly over the £39 deal, because we couldn’t decide on starters so had to have an extra to share.)

Rubens London Exhibition-31

Hot, buttery scallops.

Rubens London Exhibition-32

Rubens London Exhibition-33

Tender octopus and chorizo with deliciously salty padron peppers.

Rubens London Exhibition-34

Sticky duck and citrus salad.

Rubens London Exhibition-35

A steak (the size of my head) with Béarnaise ‘n’ chips.

Rubens London Exhibition-37

Rubens London Exhibition-36

Filet of fish for the Mr.

Followed by the most beautiful of puddings.

Rubens London Exhibition-39

Rubens London Exhibition-40

I really can’t think of a better way to spend an afternoon in London.

Book on Le Caprice website for lunch and tickets, and go before April 10th or regret it forever (as that’s when the exhibition closes).

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