Travelling Noodles – Soup Up Your Packed Lunch!

These are my New Years Resolution lunch pots.

They’re quick, easy and perfect for those who want to cut back on the unhealthy stuff, cut back on spending but don’t want to sacrifice their enjoyment… especially come lunch time!

Throw a pot together in the evening, seal it up, pop it into the fridge and take it with you in the morning. Then all you’ll need is a little hot water to bring your spicy, fragrant, healthy noodle soup to life.

Scoop, spoon ‘n’ slurp to your hearts content!

homemade pot noodle-20

homemade pot noodle-18

Warm, comforting, filling and you can use whatever you’ve got in the cupboards… so you’ll never get bored!

The idea is similar to HFW’s Veggie Pot Noodles from his Veggie Cookbook (which is a corker of a book!), but the recipe is quite different so here’s what you’ll need for 1 pot:

A pot with a lid (Pyrex ones are safest but I use these)

1 handful of dried noodles (try zero cal noodles if you want to be really good!)

1 handful of mixed asian veg

1 handful of left-over cooked chicken / cooked prawns / tofu

Half handful of bean sprouts

1 spring onion

1tsp fresh or dried coriander

1tsp hot sauce (I like Sriacha)

1tsp miso paste

1tsp bouillon/stock powder (make sure it has no MSG)

1tsp tom yum paste (optional)

1tbsp soy sauce

(Remember, you’re welcome to throw in whatever you’ve got to hand; there are unlimited possible combos for these babies!)

homemade pot noodle-1

Cook your noodles according to the package.

When they’re done, pop them into the bottom of your pot.

homemade pot noodle-2

Flatten them in and make sure they’re nicely spread out.

Leave to cool.

homemade pot noodle-3

While the noodles cool, make your taste paste.

In a small bowl mix together your miso, bouillon, soy, tom yum paste, as much hot sauce as you fancy. Even if you don’t like spicy stuff, just add a little. It gives the soup a great bite and boots your metabolism up a gear. Great if you get a New Year’s cold, too!

When your pots are nice and chilled, add your sauce.

homemade pot noodle-4

homemade pot noodle-5

Pile in your chosen meat. Use whatever you fancy, but make sure it’s cooked.

homemade pot noodle-6

Pack in a handful of sliced veg and bean sprouts.

Bean sprouts are heroes in the nutrition world! Bursting with vit C, B vitamins and protein. So be generous!

homemade pot noodle-7

Top with sliced spring onion.

homemade pot noodle-8

Sprinkle in your coriander, I didn’t have any fresh so used dried.

homemade pot noodle-9

And you’re done!

homemade pot noodle-11

Seal it up and store in the fridge.

homemade pot noodle-12

They keep for a few days, so you could always make a batch of them for the week ahead.

When you’re ready to chow, boil the kettle and pop open your pot.

homemade pot noodle-13

Pour boiling water in, until the top veggies are swimming.

homemade pot noodle-14

homemade pot noodle-15

Seal the pot and leave it for a couple of minutes.

If you’re like me you’ll love watching the water turn that sauce you made into the most delicious, deeply red soup!

When you can’t wait anymore, mix it up and tuck in.

homemade pot noodle-16

homemade pot noodle-17

homemade pot noodle-19

homemade pot noodle-18

Crunchy, fresh and utterly delicious… they really are souper.

You’ll never look at a supermarket sandwich the same way again!

Experiment with flavours and let me know how you get on.


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  • Maddy Meredith

    These look great, Rose! Can’t wait to try and bring them to school.

  • Love this idea! Happy New Year! x

  • Absolutely love this idea Rosie! I will definitely be making these, thanks!

  • Lindsey

    Ooh yum, beats an old school pot noodle by a mile or two! Def trying, thanks

  • These bring a whole new meaning to ‘pot noodles’! These look like they could be perfect for work lunch breaks and I like how all the veg is raw =)


  • These look amazing! Look like the perfect dish to make up for all that additional stodge and calories from over Christmas!

  • PJ

    I LOVE this idea!!! I can’t wait to try it with shrimp and lots of shiitake mushrooms. Your food photography is seriously amazing, Rose! I suggest putting together a post with some of your food photography secrets!


  • This is such a great idea, soup is so comforting right now.

    Silly Medley: Lifestyle and Travel

  • Karin S. Jolowicz

    Great idea for a packed lunch for the office… will definitely try it.
    On an unrelated note: I saw you outside the backwards Vivienne Westwood clock today. I could not actually believe that your hair looks as stunning in real life as it does in your photos. Well jel!

  • G.C

    Oh my life this is what I’ve been looking for (but not known it)! I will definitely be making on of these on Sunday for Monday lunchtime… Thank you!

  • Need to make this to get my skinny on after Christmas Rosie!

    Michaela X

  • Noodlz

    You always have great ideas Rosie! Just when I was considering brining lunch to save money and avoid fatty sandwiches: yummy, low fat ad smart.. Just like you!
    Wish you a happy new year and the great success you deserve xx

  • Mm these look amazing! Can’t wait to try them, thank you!

    Rachel | A Little Grey

  • Laura

    Damn these look good!

    I’ve been looking for interesting new lunches to take to work so this will do just the trick – thanks!

  • Um YUMM!! I can’t wait to make this! I will probably make it with rice noodles!!
    Rhi x

  • Looks wonderful and quick to do as a prep on the weekend for weekday lunch idea! Love spicy too!!!

  • Holy macaroni! Looks absolutely delicious!

  • Kelly Jodie Marshall

    Ah they’re cute! I’m a terrible cook, but I’m going to give them a go and see what happens. Might stick to your recipes for now though….they’d be a little jar of wrong, if I improvised 🙂
    Kelly Marshall

  • Ali

    This is such a good idea! Perfect for my uni lunches

  • absolutely brilliant, i’ll definitely make these ,perfect lunch meal!
    |The Twenty Sumtin Sumtin

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  • This is actually amazing – gonna try this for work next week. Bloody brilliant.


  • Reminds me of a much, muuuuuch healthier alternative to my at-school guilty pleasure – instant cup o’ noodles 😉

  • Janne


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  • chantelle

    This is officially on the lunch list for my next two months of surgery clerkships! Thanks Rosie!

  • Theresa Y.

    Wow what a great idea! I try to bring my lunch to work 4/5 days per week, and these pots are a great way to prevent things from getting boring!

  • So clever and delicious looking! So cute , would love to have my lunch look like this everyday!

  • This looks so delicious! I definitely want to try this.

  • Such a great idea!!! I never would have thought of something like this and it’s also super kid friendly, my wilds would love this for a picnic or hike. Thanks for sharing!

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  • Lofty Aims

    Wok a boullion recipe! Pantastic cookie – ing !
    My tommy will be chicken these out soon.

  • OMG, this is such an excellent idea! They look perfect for lunch, I’m definitely going to make some of these to take to work with me!

    Tessa / Bramble & Thorn

  • This looks awesome! I love noodles especially ones that can be bought from the supermarket but I try to avoid them now since it has too much MSG/sodium! This is a healthier version of it. 🙂 Thanks for this!

    Paola // Resuscitate

  • Looks amazing! What a wonderful idea!

  • These look delicious I’ll have to try them out, but not sure if I’ll be able to save them for later 😉

  • im so glad i stumbled here! I am going to make this, it looks tasty and easy plus its healthy, so why not x

  • OMG! That’s a corker of a food post to kick off 2015 Rosie! These look utterly delicious & healthy, what more could you ask for! I have also come down with a New Years cold (too much partying no doubt!!) so could do with one of these to pep me up!
    Hugs Adele xoxo

  • fia

    These look amazing, such a lovely idea!

  • Your recepies are always so fun and creative Rosie! Another to add to the list.

  • Solenne Lazare

    Wow great idea, will definitely try them soon ! 🙂

  • These look fantastic. Good to know I’m not the only one who looked at the pot noodle recipe in Hugh’s book and thought that there must be an easier way!

    In other news in the book (which I actually happen to have open next to me, I think I might try the Seedy Rye Soda Bread this morning), have you tried the Chicken with Lentils and Rosemary, yet? It is literally my favourite recipe from the book, so easy and so satisfying. The red lentil ‘mash’ goes lovely with the crispy bits it gets around the edges of the Le Creuset!

    Also, I’d love to see a post on your favourite cookbooks, I do wonder which ones you have around your kitchen.

  • David

    Hey Rosie,
    Great little post, always need food ideas for lunch. Just a little heads up, your post titles aren’t looking as crisp as before. It looks like the font isn’t using anti-aliasing, so it’s edges are a little pixelated.

  • julesinabox

    Oh this is great!
    I’ve been saving some recipes to do salads in mason jars to take to work (or prepare a batch for the week more likely) but I haven’t found a “hot” option until now, this is awesome.
    I guess I’ll be trying this noodle soup quite soon.


  • You think everything was said, done, mixed and prepared regarding lunches and then you come in with something like that! Hats off!

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    Such a good idea – they look super fresh and tasty

    Katie |

  • Nicole C

    These look great! I never thought of making my own noodle lunches, but they will definitely be makin their way into my meal prep rotation! Love that you can customize them so you don’t get bored.

    Nicole : Holy Noley!

    • Lisa Grace

      Is it safe to pour boiling water into a glass jar? I bought mason jars for this but I’m nervous.

  • Love this idea! I can’t wait to try this recipe 😀

  • Rosie does it again! This looks sooo delicious! You could make this even quicker and simpler by using fresh noodles and a handful of stir fry vegetable mix, then maybe make a big batch of the paste and freeze it in an icecube tray, pop a cube in in the morning so it melts by lunchtime. No excuses not to have a healthy, delicious lunch! 🙂

  • Great idea! Stealing for my work lunches 🙂

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    The noodles look so deliciouss, btw.


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    WOW! This looks delicious, I feel some office envy coming on from my colleagues … if I don’t eat it before it get’s to the office, that is! Yum Yum! x Jersey Girl x

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    Excellent Rosie – great idea


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    It look delicious. This will be so useful when I don’t have time to go home and have a hot meal before drama

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    xoxo Alice Rose

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  • It looks amazzzingggggg! Need to try
    this recipe.

    Happy new year!

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    These look sensational! Perfect for a quick, healthy and delicious lunch while at home with a new babe 🙂 Genius as always, thanks Rose x

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    These look so yum and so easy! Will deffo be trying them out 😀

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    I have a lifestyle/advice/general chit chat/beauty blog over at if anyone wants to have a read 🙂 x

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    Lauren x

    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Fashion Beauty –

  • mooredanielle

    Man oh man this is the best idea ever. I just figured out what I’m doing for lunch this week!

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    This is such a great idea! It combines two of my favorite things: noodles and glas pots, I love it! 🙂

  • This looks so tasty! It’s like you read my mind too as I’ve just been looking for recipes for exactly this. I’m always wondering what to to take to work that’s a bit healthier and this would make a great alternative!

    Shel x

  • You legend! What a great idea. I have recently been making an udon noodle soup and sunrue how to take it to travel! You’ve solved it!!!

  • Bethany Goetcherian

    Looks incredible! Have been searching for something to take for lunches that doesn’t seem unappealing by lunch time for so long!

    After years of reading, I’ve finally bit the bullet and started my own blog *hand over eyes face* – any feedback from anyone would be greatly appreciated!

  • What a great idea Rosie. Thanks so much for the inspo. Will have to try it out.Rosie

  • My week-day lunch dilemma has been permanently solved! Rosie these look fab – can’t wait to make them. x

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    I made a batch last night ready for my first week back to work. Just had to leave a comment saying they are so tasty, quick and easy. Felt very satisfying and heathy too. Thanks so much for this post. x

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    Hey Rose! Have you tried these with your zuccini noodles? I wonder how this quick hot water would treat them…but if it worked, such a dream!!! thanks for healthy but yummy new years ideas!

  • wannadanc

    I think you intended to say that the flavorings were going to BOOST up the flavor, not BOOTS up the flavor. You might care to correct that.

  • Voice of tReason

    This is a good little idea. Thanks.

    I would suggest that everyone be mindful of the jars they use. Some of the jars of this style that you see in the store are decorative and might not stand up to the heat.

  • Paddy Turpin

    Was super excited to try these out! I managed to make my paste in too small of a quantity, so the soup was more like dishwater. More alarmingly, I poured boiling water in and the jar cracked around the whole top! I was using the Kilner ones suggested so I don’t know what happened!

  • Ashley Lettuce

    I can’t even tell you what an eye opener these have been for my boyfriend and I. They are simple, inexpensive, and insanely tasty. I only read this article 3 days ago and have already had it for lunch twice! First day we used leftover roasted chicken, and today we used some sliced steak. We added some sliced garlic cloves and tripled the spice but everything else is spot on.
    If I could find other recipes that have this same concept I will never have a boring lunch again!
    Thanks so much for your post and I look forward to seeing more!

  • Love this idea, I’m always looking for healthy lunch ideas. So inventive!

  • FINALLY! Pot noodles that i actually want to try! x

  • mooredanielle

    Made a whole bunch of these for lunches earlier this week. And by “these” I mean a version more inspired by the recipe than anything. Based it entirely on what I had in my fridge at the time Used black beans as my protein (we were completely out of literally all other veg. proteins). Did macaroni for the noodle. Veggies were red and green pepper, carrot, and spinach. The sauce was soy, miso, bouillon, sriracha, and red curry paste. Oh goodness it was so good.

  • Made these a couple days ago. So easy, delicious and satisfying- thanks!

  • ja

    The 2 doggies you posted on Facebook? Are they related ? Would like to know more about their story and interested in rehoming them

  • Laura @Me & Mr Jones

    Love this idea! I’d be a little worried about sealing the pot with hot water in it though – doesn’t the pressure start to build up and potentially pop the lid off?

  • Catherine Beaudet

    I had an idea for something similar yet simpler in flavours, but yours looks some much better. Making these today to have for work (I have a kettle sitting on my desk at the office). Love easy recipes where you just throw everything together and it all comes together with a final reheating while at the office.

  • Debora Elizabeth Hill

    This is a great idea, but…chopsticks??? Then what about the broth part? No spoon?

  • The Signorina

    Lovely, handy, crafty way of not having to but lunch! Working in the centre of London for a magazine means a lit of Pret and Benugo, but this is a fab idea!

    Happy new year!


  • westcoaster

    What brand noodles are in the picture? I can’t wait to try this.

  • Fabulous

  • disqus_1cTVU3dkZo


  • Trying these minus the miso paste and tim yum paste (couldn’t find any that were non-MSG and vegan in my area. I’ll order on Amazon for next week.) I’m absurdly excited for these.

  • You are quite possibly a genius! I always want to bring packed lunch to work but in the absence of a microwave, am stuck with salads (which can get repetitive) and I LOVE soup in any interpretation

  • ysabet

    Sounds tasty! Mustn’t forget mushrooms, especially all the wonderful delicate Asian varieties like White or Brown Beech mushrooms as well as more commonly found Italian Criminis.

  • This is a brilliant idea! I love noodle bowls but can’t have most of them because I have Celiac. Do you think rice noodles would hold together? Maybe if I leave them slightly undercooked?

  • You’ve outdone yourself with this recipe Rosie! Love love love it. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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    I am trying this ASAP – looks incredible! Love the jar storage too, reminds me of overnight oats 🙂

  • These were amazing, made them today! 🙂

  • FromTheTableTop

    Yum! Great idea. Definitely going to try this.

  • Anita Owens

    The noodles look amazing! This definitely is a terrific idea! Thanks for sharing! website Storage Preston Ltd.

  • Elana Essers

    These look amazing. I went to buy the pots and there are so many choices. What size did you use?

  • Jen

    You are a genius. I just tried this with a few little tweaks (I used rice noodles instead of egg ones, which means you don’t even have to cook them before putting them in your pot), and it really works! Now I can have a quick, easy, cheap, healthy and, most importantly, super tasty lunch even at work. Thank you!

  • jbenson

    what kind of noodles are in the picture? brand, name etc.

  • Erin Kelly

    Rosie, I’m loving and wanting to try your recipes…however, I can’t see where to print them. Am I missing something?

  • Flora M. Petri

    brilliant!! made them yesterday. added slices of fresh ginger, replaced hot sauce with dried chili and harissa, didn’t add bouillon; fresh peas and fava beans, carrots, zucchini, spring onion, tofu on rice noodles with tons of coriander. so tasty! thank you!

  • I actually seen this on instagram this morning…but dayyyum it didn’t look like this! Rosie, can I just pay you to come live with me and cook for me lol :)!!! You’re amazing!!! Can’t wait to “attempt” this 🙂

  • Sara Weiss

    I just made this to take to work tomorrow. The broth is amazing, I made extra so I could try it.

  • Claris Harris

    Wow! Noodles in a jar! This is so creative and useful! Next week I am going to move to a new house with my family and I want to make some kind of lunch for the traveling. I think that this is the best idea! Thank you so much for sharing!

    Claris Harris

  • Jill Elliott

    Hi sorry to ask but are the jars just normal kilner jars, or special ones as I live in the uk and have coeliacs disease and could eat these and they look great Thanks

  • This is such a genius idea! I love lunch in jars/pots, sooo convenient and these posh pot noodles will make an excellent addition to my boyfriends work lunch box in the week 🙂 thank you very much!
    Teri x

  • Craig Pict Milne

    has anyone tried freezing these?

  • Tolani1803

    This looks delicious, fresh, and healthy! Cannot wait to try it! I just have one question – if I want to use fresh chicken stock instead of a bouillon, what would the amount of the liquid translate to the 1 dry cube?

  • Layla

    This website is the best! I’ve been using your chicken soup recipe for years and just stumbled on this – just what I need!

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    I just made my version of these noodle pots! So easy and delicious! I heaped it with lotsa of veggies too!
    Here it is:

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