Lobster Rollin’ In Soho

London seems to be treating us to Spring-like sunshine in the depths of January.

I am all over any excuse to march through the crisp, sun dappled streets without a cumbersome coat.

lobster roll london-22

Ideal for those with a full blown knitwear addiction.

lobster roll london-25

Or “knit wits” as we like to be known.

lobster roll london-24

Snuggled up in

The thickest cashmere cable knit jumper // Cashmere blanket scarf (Highstreet version)

Lanvin Sugar bag

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And a knitted skirt from my new shopping obsession, Chicwish.

lobster roll london-11

Yep, it even has anchors on it!

I discovered Chicwish through Pinterest and love their classic, girly style. They specialise in pretty cuts and retro shapes.

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The skirts alone are certainly sturdier and better quality than you often find online, so it’s safe to say I’m hooked!

lobster roll london-12

My pumps are a staple in my wardrobe at the mo, and they’re from a little closer to home.

But that’s enough wardrobe chat, what I really wanted to tell you about was a new little lunch spot.

Smack in the middle of London, just across the road from Selfridges you’ll find Smack Deli. A lobster roll joint from the same people who dreamt up “Burger & Lobster”.

It is clawsome.

lobster roll london-14

lobster roll london-18

There’s a short menu to choose from;

smack deli menu

You order at the counter, pour your own drinks and scuttle off with a buzzer to wait for your food.

lobster roll london-1

After a few minutes your buzzer springs into live, which may or may not make you fall off your stool if you’re not expecting it, and you race in to get your haul.

And if you order like us, it is one hell of a haul!

lobster roll london-7

Never eat out with a blogger, they have to shoot everything before you can touch it!

lobster roll london-17

But I don’t know who could possibly resist a few snaps of these babies.

lobster roll london-10

They’re positively begging to be ‘grammed!

lobster roll london-6

We went for The Mexican (spicy and rich), The Cali (fresh, delicate and very moerish. You can really taste every element. My fave.)…

lobster roll london-5

…Courgette fries (crispy, satisfying), the Happy Ending (zingy and light)…

lobster roll london-4

lobster roll london-3

…And a whole lobster with garlic mayo.

lobster roll london-8

Which you really can’t go wrong with!

lobster roll london-9

You can eat outside or in. It’s no nonsense, McDonalds style service but the food is cracking.

Really, really worth a trip if you’re in the area.

Find them on Binney Street, at the bottom of Oxford Street (not far from Patty and Bun if you think you can manage both!)

Watch out New York, London’s catching up with your foodie scene.

lobster roll london-16

It’s the perfect place to while away an afternoon, before a sunset stroll in Soho.

lobster roll london-19

lobster roll london-21

I could certainly get used to winters like this, London!

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