Lake Como Bean Baggers

So, we didn’t quite wake up to the glorious sunshine we’d hoped for.

The air was thick, hot and heavy. The sky was grey and lumpy, so rather than running right out to the pool, we made our way down for a long and leisurely breakfast.

Any hotel that includes prosecco in their breakfast buffet is ok by me!


Breakfast is served on the terrace, but the heaving buffet tables at The GH are laid out in the ball room.

It’s all very snazzy.



Sadly the cooked breakfasts are actually pretty terrible, but there are lots of other goodies to keep you occupied… and the coffee is second to none.

p-2 p-3

After our third enormous cup of coffee each, we decided to be thoroughly British and just brave the pool whatever the weather.

We wriggled into bikinis, slathered on sunscreen, plonked on a couple of hats and dragged our Kindles down to the lake.

Well, the floating pool on the lake to be exact.

p-4 p-5

My bikini is from Reiss (who do surprisingly brilliant resort wear, by the way. Incase you thought – much like me – that it was just for office wear, party dresses and boyfriend’s birthday pressies.)

My hat is from Joules; which is a very jolly shop indeed. No, seriously. I really think jolly is the only fitting word here! Take a look for yourself.

And finally, my swimming fish necklace (which you’ll see in pics later) was handmade by my big sister, Aunt Sponge.





We made two friends.

Sam and Sydney.


But they started eyeing my toes rather fiendishly so I soon left them to their paddling.



It wasn’t long before the clouds started to slowly dissipate and patches of glorious blue sky shone through.

Or “Enough blue sky to patch a Dutchman’s trousers.” as my late Grandma (“Ma”) would say.

I do miss Ma. I often think about all the things I want to ask her. I want to know about her life in the war and her loves before my Grandpa (“Ba”). I wonder if she would read the blog and enjoy sharing my adventures… I look so like mum did at my age, I bet it would tickle her to see us as best friends now.

But I digress.

We were in Italy and the sun was finally starting to shine!

If that’s not reason to beam with joy, I don’t know what is.



We even took ourselves for a quick, cold dip.







Eventually the muggy grey gave way and we were blessed with a truly Italian sun drenching.

Which we soaked up like hungry sponges.




Cooling off now & then.






Remaining graceful and elegant at all times, naturally.






It only seemed fitting to celebrate our little holiday with a few bubbles.











And I even enjoyed a cool glass IN Lake Como.


I’d like to think even a seasoned regular like Mr Clooney would give me a wink and a nod for that one!



We relaxed and roasted gently on our beanbags, while the ice gently clinked next to us and the occasional boat load of tourists sailed by, snapping furiously as they went.


Soon the idea of a big bowl full of homemade pasta was just too much to resist and we wandered off in search of restaurants (who would agree to feed us at three in the afternoon).

Peering through the winding, towering streets of little Tremezzo.



Maxi dress // Sneaks // Bag // Sunnies

We found a little place on the front for ham & melon (my favourite). I just love salty/sweet things!



And Bolognese gnocchi (Selina’s favourite).



We spent the evening in Bellagio, but I’ll tell you all about that tomorrow.

There’s a good outfit post in there too! Apparently “the coolest thing you’ve ever worn!” according to Phoebe, who flipped through my photos the second I got home.

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  • Amy

    Love the Reiss bikini – who knew?! Thank you for the insight!

    • Rosie

      I know, right?! Thanks Amy! x

    • TheGivingBride

      Agreed-Love their clothes but would never have thought swimwear!

  • I’m glad the weather perked up a bit- would have been a shame otherwise (but glad that you were able to make the most of the mugginess anyway, in true British style! =p).


  • Ooooo you make everywhere sound amazing. Honestly I love the way you write! Can’t wait to read more. πŸ™‚

    • Rosie

      haha thanks doll x

  • Suzie

    That hotel reminds me of the “Grand Budapest Hotel”! You look beautiful as always Rose xxx

    • Rosie

      I STILL haven’t seen that film! Think I should I bump to top of the to-watch list? x

      • Its a very beautiful film, very artistic, every shot looks like a moving photograph, perfect colour combinations and character placement, its also funny and quirky, easily a favourite up there with The Darjeeling Limited πŸ™‚

    • Alyssa M

      I totally agree that was my first thought when I saw the pictures of the hotel! –

  • Looks amazing, the food has made me really hungry!! πŸ™‚

    • Rosie

      Me too Ellenor, me too!

  • I just want to dip myself into that water right now and possibly the bolognaise gnocchi – whichever comes first πŸ˜‰ Haha!

  • ninegrandstudent

    That gnocci looks gorgeous. I also love Joules clothing – their animal jumpers are so cute for winter (I actually have one that “matches” my dog!) x

    • Rosie

      Oh I wonder if they have a Custard one…

      • ninegrandstudent

        I’d definitely have a look, or even contact them. I know a few months ago they were asking for suggestions of animals to feature! x

  • Looks absolutely beautiful. Next time take me with you? I can take your photos πŸ˜‰


    Water Painted Dreams xo

    • Rosie

      Sure why not! Can you fit in my suitcase?

  • Laura

    Looking amazing as usual, Rosie! Lake Como sure does look beaut!

    And I’m sure your Grandma would LOVE reading about your adventures, just as much as we all do! πŸ™‚

    • Rosie

      Thanks Laura very kind of you xx

  • Good use of a little cloud coverage to make the most of doing those things you might have missed otherwise! Sometimes it’s good to be shaken out of your sunbathing coma I think.

    Looks absolutely beautiful and now, unfortunately, those secret escapes holidays to Lake Como look even more tempting…


    • Rosie

      It’s honestly one of the most beautiful, peaceful places I’ve ever been Ellie. Highly recommended!

  • Bubbles and sunshine, sounds perfect.
    Fie x Coffee & Confetti

  • Little Miss Notting Hill

    Looks gorgeous! My fiancee and I are planning our mini moon in the lakes next year so great to see it looks so beautiful and the food and wine are a-flowin’ πŸ™‚ Love the maxi dress too!

    • Rosie

      What’s a minimoon? x

      • Also curious about this…

      • Nataly

        It’s a short break that usually comes immediately after a wedding and a while before the honeymoon. Often couples save up for/leave a bit of time before their honeymoon but since no one should have to go back to work the Monday after, the minimoon was invented. Following our wedding last year, our minimoon was in Marrakesh before the honeymoon in Bora Bora 2 months later! Genius! x

      • Little Miss Notting Hill

        It’s a mini honeymoon! Just a short one after the wedding πŸ™‚ silly slang term for it, I’ve clearly been reading too many brides magazines *doh* x

  • Meg Bolderson

    Beautiful photos, i’m smitten with your hair!x

  • hahaa swimming with a glass too like a pro! Love the pictures. This place reminds me of Lake Garda. I am sure you would love that too if you havent already been there.

    Floating in Israel’s Dead Sea

  • Gorgeous photos, would love to visit lake como one day x

  • Sponge

    Ma would love the blog and be very proud of you, just as the rest of us are. XXX

  • I don’t even know where to start! This holiday looks so dreamy! I’ve got no chance of a relaxing holiday like this for years now I’ve got a little one!
    That bikini looks like it was made for you and that maxi dress is perfect!
    Also, how do you manage to not look like a red-faced sweaty mess in the sun & pool? I only have to sunbathe for 5 minutes before I look like I’ve just run a marathon.

  • Love all your pictures! It looks beautiful there! I would love some ham and melon too. lol.
    Great post Londoner!

    -The Southern Adventurer

  • Your friend is so freakin gorgeous! Also, LOVE that maxi dress and I need to try that Tattinger, I like rosΓ© flavoured things πŸ™‚

  • Ahhh the Bellagio, my parents were taken there many years ago and it still remains a solid fav. from Ma Struthers. I have yet to be taken there, although it has been promised to me …

    Nice to see some Reiss (currently working part-time in Edin! so read up naturally on all bloggers activity with them!)

    Tait RosΓ© in Lake Como … Divine! bellissima !!

  • definitely up there on my bucket list! x


  • Oh my you are giving me serious wanderlust…and pastalust…

  • So stunning! And this is the second vacation recently for you where there were bean bag pillows involved! I should make one of those for the cottage!

    Vanessa | Everyday Embellished

  • The melon & ham looks divine & reminds me how much I ate when we were at Como. We stayed in Bellagio which I loved – can’t wait to see what you think of it.

    Hugs xoxo

  • AurΓ¨

    Yes,in Italy always the Sun shines glorious!…mouthwatering photos of the mindblowing ham & melon…Bolognese gnochhi…mamma mia!…haha…So nice your Bikini and Hat…Chapeau!

  • You both look absolutely stunning. The scenery and the lake – so tempting!! Thanks for yet another brilliant recommendation.

    By the way, your friend looks a bit Middle Eastern – has she any said Middle Eastern roots by any chance?

  • I’m so excited for your Italy posts! I’m going with my mom to Amalfi Coast (Positano to be exact) and Rome for a couple of days in 2 months and I can’t wait! I have a slight obsession with Italy and their culture, and the scenery doesn’t hurt… Lovely post Rose, and you look very relaxed and happy! X Jewels

  • The water is so beautiful! Is that a private pool? :O

  • The food looks amazing!! I do think that Mr. Cloony would be proud of you as well, and I can’t wait to see the post for tomorrow. x Kate

  • Loving this post from Italy. I just got back from a Wedding in Lake Garda. It’s probably one of the most amazing place I’ve been to. Glad you had a great time.

  • I am going to Italy in November but I don’t think i’ll make it this way. I’ll have to put it on the docket for next time!

  • Queenie Lee

    Love your bikini and your maxi dress looks amazing! I wish I was tall enough to pull it off! :p That ham and melon combo looks divine! xxx

  • Patricia Dayacap

    Rosie! I’ll be moving to London in September for my postgraduate studies, and I know I’ll definitely refer a lot to your blog. Finally, I can drool over your restaurant suggestions AND actually get to try them. πŸ™‚ Your archives will be my first stop as soon as I land! (Hope that doesn’t make me sound sad and desperate.)

    Hugs, sunshine, and juicy mangoes,
    Patricia from the Philippines xx

  • Madison Bailee

    your posts are like stories, i could read them for hours! i absolutely love your much life in them! and must i say your figure is gooooorgeous! πŸ˜‰

  • Looks so beautiful! Its too bad the cooked breakfast wasn’t amazing but (for me at least) the second to none coffee would have made me forget all about it haha πŸ™‚

  • Kelsey Wilburn

    this seriously look awesome!

  • Brittany Foley

    Oh my goodness, you look like you had the most glorious time! The food looks incredible. No words for my jealousy!

    Lifestyle Blog In and Out of Boston

  • Louise

    Hi Rosie, great blog! What is the name of the hotel you are staying at? It looks a wonderful place to visit! x

  • I love your blog! Your pictures are so beautifully taken
    πŸ™‚ xoxo

  • Lake Como looks gorgeous, as do you two lovely ladies ! Can’t wait to catch up on this trip

    Lauren x

    Britton Loves | Fashion Lifestyle + Photography –

  • Marina Kirk

    Where is Selina’s bikini from?

  • Mischa5

    Rosie, how can you have both never ending legs and huge boobs in the same time?!? Please tell me at least on of them is fake )))
    PS. Love your blog

  • Wow this place looks perfect! I love the swimsuit and your hair! It has gotten so long but is still glossy and strong-looking, I love it. What do you use? Glad you had fun!

  • Ahhh I want to go to Lake Como so much now! I wish it was socially acceptable to live in a bikini in England πŸ™ I would literally wear one all the time. xx

  • Samantha Bei

    love the print on the maxi!

  • Peppermint Dolly

    Love the hat from Joules – will def be checking them out before my hol! Thanks Rosie

  • Great post as usual Rosie

  • Why oh why have I never been to Italy!!? I’m a fool that’s why. I want a belly full of bolognese gnocchi! Little London Girl x

  • I love Italy so much! I actually did a minimoon in Florence and stayed in a hotel called Il Salviatino. Around the lakes there’s a beautiful hotel called Villa D’Este, you probably know it, but try and go there for lunch it is simply stunning!! I love that there’s prosecco on the breakfast buffet in Italy, Mr S always rolls his eyes at me when I come back to the table with a glass!
    Lots of love,


    SilverSpoon London

  • This place looks amazing! And as always you look great Rosie!

  • Nicole Vierzba

    Would love to know what you wear to travel! I love the way you describe life and activities.

  • Lake Como and the Almafi Coast are two places that I really really want to visit. I love all things Italian (food, fashion, the boys lol).

  • It’d be so hard to pull me away from the lake, but gnocchi bolognese would certainly do the trick!

    Silly Medley: Lifestyle and Travel

  • So jealous of your trip! Lake Como is easily the most beautiful place I’ve ever visited.

  • I absolutely adore all of your posts! As a reader from Canada, I love seeing the gorgeous photos of Europe on your blog!

  • Of course another beautiful post Rosie, looks like you had an amazing time! Good for you my lovely! Can’t wait for this style post!

    Would mean a lot if you would go and check out my blog Thankyou! xxx

  • Pacific to Park

    Beautiful post making me miss Italy. I never made it to Lake Como but I am dying to plan a trip now. Thanks for sharing!


  • Oh my gosh, a pool on a lake?! Dream come true! Haha. That gnocchi looks absolutely amazing as well! πŸ˜€

  • SiobhΓ‘in

    Amazing trip. I am totally jealous of it, who knew Italy was so beautiful ;)!



  • Hey Rosie,
    I’m a Sydney gal coming to London on Sunday. I was wondering for some insiders tips, places I NEED to visit, places I NEED to eat at, and some healthy eats! I’m staying in SW1 near the Ritz. Or do you have a little go-to part of your site with you fav London recommendations. Check out my Sydney blog @coconixandcocktails on insta. Love your work. x Nicole

  • lyndsey

    It always feels that you use the word ‘tourists’ in a bit of a derogatory way (I’m sure that’s not what you were intending!) but aren’t we all tourists when we are on holiday really? Only saying because if I were lucky enough to be at Lake Como I would definitely be on a boat trip and taking pictures!

  • Very jealous of all the champagne you were swilling – the lake makes the perfect backdrop for your photos.

    – Nina
    Have You Heard Of It? restaurant & bar blogger |

  • The Bolognese Gnocchi looks delicious! Any idea where Selina’s black cat eye sunniest are from?. Great post I always love your photography.

  • lake como looks gorgeous! love that bikini too

  • Alice

    Hello, I’m off to lake como next weekend and really would like to know the name of the hotel / restaurant where u had the melon & Palma ham…..can u remember it???!!!

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