Birthday Lunch in The Clouds

This year I did absolutely no planning for my birthday.

Usually I run around like a headless chicken trying to organise things and keep everyone happy.

This year I just sat back and let it happen.

It may just be the best decision I ever made, because I had the best birthday I can remember!

A couple of my girlies stayed over the night before and woke me up with tea, pressies and singing!

We had breakfast in our pjs (on the sofas as I STILL haven’t found a kitchen table) and then we all said our goodbyes.

I jumped in a cab and made the pilgrimage across London to meet Milly for lunch, up in the clouds at Duck & Waffle.

She was running late so I sipped on a “Roasted Cosmopolitan” (Grey Goose Citron, triple sec, cranberry conserve and lime, roasted bone marrow seasoning).

And fantasised about my future (dream house) kitchen floor, and covering it in Portuguese tiles.

Finally her ladyship arrived and we sat down to lunch.

Kicking off with bacon wrapped dates & a mustard mayo

and a wax-sealed bag of crispy pig’s ears.

Before moving on to the proper plates;

dorset crab with pickled apple & pea shoots.

Foie gras crème brûlée topped with butter roasted scottish lobster.

There really are no words for how delicious this dish is!

A rich bowl of rich, creamy foie gras hiding under a caramelised shield, ready to be shattered and spread all over hot, toasted brioche.

Or, if you’re like Milly you can just eat it with the spoon.

God, I just want to lick the screen…

Anyway, sorry. Back to lunch.

Next we tucked in to smoked chili braised pigs cheeks and cheesy polenta with fried pickles.

A little disappointing. The polenta was quite gritty and the meat was flavourless.

No matter, we were still oohing & ahhing over the previous course!

The pollock meatballs with lobster cream and parmesan were rich, comforting and very filling indeed.

And the view is almost unbeatable.

Although my view across the table wasn’t bad either…

I spoke to soon.

Totally unimpressed with my date’s childish behaviour, I went back to gazing out of the window.

We left chuckling like naughty school girls, full of excitement and great food.

I’m sure you find the same, but I have a handful of friends who have the power to wind me up, in the very best way. We bounce of each other and everything becomes a hoot!

Milly certainly falls into this category and she sent me off to my afternoon celebrations in the best of birthday spirits!

But I’ll tell you all about those celebrations tomorrow!

Ps. If you’re more into fashion than you are food… here are the outfit details!

LOF tee (my friend’s company so use code “ROSIELOF” to get their debut styles for £10), pretty little TS bra peeking through, NG phone case, RB glasses and M jeans.

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  • Claire

    Can’t wait for the afternoon celebrations post! Happy Birthday for the other week 🙂

  • kjenken

    Food looks delish! Maybe I’ve become accustomed to all the glorious vacation pics, the view of London looks downright drab!

    • Rosie

      It was such a shame! It was a glorious morning and then turned grey just as we arrived!

  • happy birthday rose! looks like you had a wonderful start to the day:)

    xx Milly

    • Rosie

      Thanks Milly!

  • Looks divine! Duck and Waffle is one place I really want to get myself down to when I get back from uni in St Andrews! I hope you had a beautiful birthday Rosie!

  • Sounds like a lovely birthday regardless of any lack of planning! 🙂

    See my webstie at

  • Harris

    So much for being a self confessed animal lover.

  • Sam

    Looks like the perfect birthday 🙂 Also, love those t-shirts! I’ll be ordering one 🙂


  • Cute and relaxed outfit but lets talk about that view from lunch! Oh my gosh, to die for! Your meal and drinks looked amazing, what a fantastic way to celebrate your birthday! Happy Birthday!

    • Rosie

      Thanks Alisia!

  • I just laughed out load at your photo! Now everyone at work is curious over what i’m reading.. Looks like the perfect lunch!

    • Rosie

      I can’t imagine what’s so funny Maddison! 😉
      Sorry about that! xx

  • Looks like an amazing birthday! I’m doin’ the same for mine this year – I just can’t be bothered with planning! Sometimes it’s fun to just wait and see what the day holds, eh 🙂


    • Rosie

      Honestly so much better Jo!
      Otherwise you start worrying about everyone else and making sure everyone has fun and it ends up being stressful and disappointing…when in fact if you just let it happen, everyone has fun anyway! xx

  • Happy birthday, I hope you have a good one! And wow, the food looks spectacular! It looks like you and your friends had a lot of fun 🙂

    • Rosie

      Thanks Audrey!

  • Sepideh

    Sounds like a lovely start to your birthday! Sometimes, just going with the flow is the best plan…!!

    And you *NEED* to show us what you got. What’s up with that teaser?!!

  • Happy Belated Birthday! 🙂

    Maggie A

  • Perfect setting for a nice good meal! 😀

  • Elizabeth Craney

    Happy happy birthday to you, from a fellow Pisces! I may be slightly biased, but I feel it’s the best sign a person could be 😉

    Hope all of your celebrations were wonderful, and thank you for a lovely post as always!

    xo E

    • Rosie

      Best sign there is, Liz! xx

  • Euge G

    Oh my god, I have the same sweater as your friend! I’m a truly lurker on your blog, but I’m surely inspired for you. Don’t stop being so amazing and silly.

    • Rosie

      You both have excellent taste! xx

      • Euge G

        Thanks! xx (Also, I’m in love with Custard)

  • Happy birthday! Glad it was a good one!

    • Rosie

      Thanks Maddy!

  • Sarah Dandie

    the shoes rosie, the shoes! where are they from? and happy birthday, i’m glad you had a wonderful one. xoxox

    • Rosie

      I actually found them at Zara last year! Not my usual style… but how can you say no to Zara?! x

  • I am so jealous of your birthday celebration! The food looks delicious and I love your shirt!

    Krystal |

  • Happy Birthday!! Sounds like it was loads of fun 🙂

    • Rosie

      Thank you! x

  • Happy, Happy Birthday Rose! I hope you had a beautiful day. I adore your new photography style and those Portuguese tiles are utter perfection. Wishing you all the happiness for a great year ahead. Liv xx

    • Rosie

      Thanks so much Liv! x

  • koryeh

    Happy Birthday Rosie!! x

  • Looks like you had the perfect start to your birthday Rosie. Wow! The views from that place look amazing & so does the food. I adore your tee, so off to check em out!

    Hugs xoxo

    • Rosie

      I think they’d be right up your street lovely! xx

  • Devine! The way you write about food is perfection. I scrolled down, so excited to read about the outfit, but alas no mention of shoes! Can you tell me who makes them? Thanks xx

    • Rosie

      Sadly they’re old zara ones Maryn 🙁 sorry! x

  • Looks like a great celebration!

  • Queenie Lee

    Happy birthday – the food looks incredible, especially the crab and lobster! Can’t wait to hear what else you got up to! xxx

  • Guest

    How interesting…in the previous post you profess your love for the animals yet have no problem tucking into foie gras in this one.

    • Rosie

      Yes, I also dealt with the “how can you eat meat and love animals” and “how can you wear leather and love animals” on the same post… the two aren’t mutually exclusive.
      It’s sad if you can’t see that, but I’m afraid it’s the truth.

      • Liz

        I do agree with Rose in that people can be animal lovers and still eat meat. There’s plenty of ethical choices out there… Though I have to say, I’m not really sure Fois Gras falls under the same header as ‘meat’. I don’t really mind what anyone chooses to eat but I don’t think you can argue it’s an extremely cruel process. Probably more cruel than keeping animals in (humane) zoos in my book but hey, each to their own I guess!

    • Meredith

      I get so sick of this shit.
      That doesn’t mean she’s campaigning to be the new leader of PETA.
      Mentioning a distaste for zoos on a blog like this is great!! It means that many young girls will stop and think. It means people look at their actions.
      The last Vogue I read had 4 whole pages on why fur “isn’t that bad”!! Go and protest that.
      She’s a self confessed meat addict. I don’t think she’s ever given you reason to think otherwise. Every other post from the start has been about burgers and steaks and foi gras. She also posts about charities, rescuing animals and spending her school summers helping in foreign animal pounds.
      I assume when she posted asking for help for the dog who needed adopting that you were all over that shit? Sharing it, asking friends?
      Or are you just so desperate to jump on something negative that you will ignore all the good?
      There are thousands of bloggers who do nothing but swan around in fur and carry a new leather sack every week. Pay them a visit.
      Keep on truckin Rosie! Happy Birthday!!

  • Courtney

    Happy Birthday Rose! How young are you this year? xoxox

  • what a stunning view ! lucky you getting louboutins and i think relaxing with friends is the best birthday idea 🙂
    Lauren x

    Britton Loves | Fashion Lifestyle + Photography –
    Vote for my blog here !

  • Ahhh….happy birthday! Looks like you had a great time!! I love Duck and Waffle!
    Lots of Love,
    SilverSpoon London

  • What a magnificent birthday meal! That creme brulee looks to.die.for. I have bloody given up bread for lent so as soon as it’s over I’m heading there to smother a warm slice and stuff it in my mouth. Perhaps I’ll even book for after Easter as motivation!?
    Anwyay – Can I ask – what camera are you using here? Is it your new(ish) smaller one? Love your posts as always Rose X

  • Hooray for the happiest of birthdays!! 🙂 You are one lucky, lucky girl and it shows!

  • Michelle

    Looks like a wonderful birthday.. Looking forward to the next installment.. Love the t-shirt..heading over to take a look at them, so thanks for the discount code! 🙂

    Michelle (totally new to blogging – gulp!)

  • gina
  • Michelle

    Happy Birthday! Great discount code – is it for all lines? I can’t seem to find their début range online.

  • The food looks delicious!


  • Cristina

    Happy belated birthday. Everything looked so wonderful and luxurious! <3 Looks like you had a blast x

  • Rhea

    Happy Birthday!!!!! 🙂 🙂 Love the shoes!!!! <3

  • Snap! I went to the Duck & Waffle for my 20th birthday at the beginning of February. Truly is the most incredible restaurant! So unlucky about the view- we ended up having rain, shine and rainbows (Standard British weather not making its mind up!)

    Hope you had a nice birthday Rosie 🙂

    Emily xx

    My Ginger Bread Journey: Duck & Waffle

  • Rosannastevensetc

    I am going out immediately to buy bacon and dates and re-making that first dish at home

  • Happy birthday!! Love reading your posts 🙂 xo

  • Lindsey

    Happy Belated Birthday Rosie!

  • Mairead

    Love your blog sooooo much! Hope you had a great birthday!

  • That foie gras tho.

    Looks like a lot of fun! Happy birthday!

  • Katie Nally

    Happy bday Rosie! Hope it was fabulous !!

  • Emily Kalbun

    Hello rosie. I’m Emily, a 15 year old follower of your blog. I quite like reading what you’re up to. You seem to do such interesting things. I just wanted to say happy birthday and can’t wait to hear whats next!

  • we want more! we want more 🙂
    Happy belated bday dear lady 🙂

  • Joanna

    happy birthday sounds like you had such a lovely day

  • Aurè

    Hello,Ciao…beautiful post and Happy Birthday,Auguri!…but,hey…you have Moustaches & Beard!…haha…

  • Happy birthday Rose! Love your blog x

  • That place is BEAUTIFUL. The floor <3

  • Iulia Elena

    The photos look amazing! Now I am hungry..
    Happy Belated Birthday! xo

  • AJ

    Just bought 3 of the tops from your friends store, they’re beaut! Thanks for the discount code Rose! Happy belated birthday, looks like you had a fabulous day from the photos so far x

  • It looks like you had a great start to your birthday, can’t wait to see what happens next x

  • Bacon wrapped dates are one of my favorite appetizers!

  • Emily

    Everything looks absolutely fab and your t-shirt is amazing!
    The only thing I wanted to ask is your opinion on fois gras? Because I know how much you love your animals, but force feeding is highly controversial so I’m surprised you are happy to eat it. Not a criticism at all, I’m just curious!

  • TheGivingBride

    I can’t think of a much better start to a birthday-one question-Where is Milly’s sweater from?

  • Aly

    Looks perfect! I can’t wait to see pictures of your decorating – are you and Phoebe still roommates?

  • I’m glad you a great birthday Rosie, looks like one hell of a meal!


    Water Painted Dreams xxx

  • Oriette

    Such a wonderful way to kick off a birthday! Can’t wait to hear about the rest of your day 🙂 xx

  • Katie Albury

    Sounds like the perfect unplanned birthday!
    Love the outfit- the top is so cute!

    Katie x

  • Food looks amazing, those tiles are beautiful and hair looking gorgeous as always!
    One of my favourite blogs xx

  • Happy birthday! You look gorgeous! And I agree, those tiles are perfect for a kitchen.

    Do you know if LOF ships to the US?

  • This looks amazing 🙂 happy birthday hun xx

  • Steph

    Happy belated birthday Rosie. Looks like you had a fab fun day. Keep up the good work x

  • Beth

    happy belated birthday rosie! it looks like you had a great start to the day and i can’t wait to see what you got up for the rest of it! LOVING that phone case as well – it’s adorable! 🙂 X

  • Elena Panayi

    Hey Rosie this it the first time im commenting on your blog.
    You are one of my favorite bloggers, i LOVE your blog and instagram pictures.
    Went today to Southbank, burgers were great!

  • The cocktail looks divine!! A gorgeous view to go with all that amazing food!!

  • Elizabet

    Would’ve loved to get that tee but LOF’s website doesn’t allow you to enter a discount code

  • I LOVE duck & waffle…I went there for the first time last year…here’s my blog about it: such quirky food and drinks – are you not a marmite fan?!

  • Anna Cee

    Looks amazing like always Rosie:-))) Wishing you a happy Birthday ( happy pisces just as me -7.3.;-)))
    Xx Anni

  • Cynthia

    Just curious, does anyone know if Rosie still has a friendship with Phoebe?

  • When’s your exact birthday, miss? Mine’s March 3rd! 😉

  • theartywardrobe

    awhh this is such a lovely post! I’m a new follower 🙂 Love your blog and your travel posts! <3

    Boonya of the arty wardrobe

  • Melissa

    We went there the other weekend when my mother was down and had such a great meal! If you ever spot the pork meatballs on the specials, definitely go for them, they were epic – though not as mouthwatering as the brownie sundae!!
    P.S. Happy belated birthday 🙂

  • Always a great time when you can spend time with your ladies! Happy Birthday Rose!