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For me, the ritual of getting the house ready for Christmas far exceeds the joy of the day itself.

It’s the tingle of excitement about surprises yet to come, the nostalgia of years gone by, the utter magic of it all.

London is just coming out of another long Lockdown, and I don’t know about you, but festive excitement is the only thing that’s made it bearable.

If you’re not feeling festive just yet, here’s my prescription:

Turn up the music (here’s my Christmas playlist, help yourself), pop open some bubbly, dress up in something old fashioned and fabulous, and dance!

You’ll soon feel more sparkly.

Light your favourite candles.

And make a night of it.

My beautiful cherry print dress was something of a steal.

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I found it on eBay, in their brand outlet section. A whole world of fun, with lots of designers offering up their extra stock at scandalous prices.

My pearls and shoes were cherrypicked from eBay too.

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Timeless classics that never go out of style, it would have been rude to let them go to waste!

They fit my vintage Christmas aesthetic perfectly.

A match made in heaven.

Yes the dress was a steal, yes the shoes are heavenly but I know what you really want to know…

…and yes.

It has pockets!

Be sure to peruse eBay’s Brand Outlet section with upto 70% off big brands, by the time your Christmas shopping’s all wrapped up you’ll have so much left in the budget, you’ll just have to treat yours-elf.

I’ll pop a few favourite finds below, just incase.

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Use the arrows above, you’re bound to find something to sleigh in.

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