Memory Lane

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If you want to drink in all of London’s autumnal flavours, you truly can’t beat a stroll around Kensington.

Wander through the Palace Gardens, peer through the gilt gates at the royal hunting dogs loping on the lawns, warm your hands on cups of steaming coffee, while getting lost among the hundred year old oaks, watch the leaves catch on the breeze, feed the ducks, visit the galleries, the museums, the restaurants, each and every tiny pocket of London has so much to offer and if you can count on Kensington for just one thing, it’s history.

Slip into your finest knits and tweeds, get out there and enjoy it.

200 years ago, on these very streets, a revolutionary British perfume house released a new scent which took London by storm.

Inspired by the crab apple tree that grew outside the Crown Perfumery Company (known today as Clive Christian) founder’s house in Kensington, Crab Apple Blossom was quickly adopted and loved by the aristocracy, politicians, artists and actors of the Victorian era and beyond.

Today it has been reimagined as a complex blend of 151 ingredients, as part of Clive Christian’s Crown Collection.

An utterly unique perfume exploring notes of Apple Blossom, Green Rhubarb, Mojito and Sandalwood for an energising, crisp, yet soft, warm and sophisticated scent.

The feeling of walking through crisp leaves in the autumn sunshine, bottled.

Perfect for exploring Victorian London.

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Beyond the obvious Natural History Museum, The V&A, and some of the more famous hotels, Kensington is packed with little candy coloured mews streets, hidden parks and gardens, where you can take in the crisp autumn air and escape the crowds.

The very best way to explore is to slip on some comfy shoes and go wherever your feet carry you.

With the leaves burning amber and dropping with the slightest breeze, it’s a real feast for the senses.


Particularly when combined with the Crab Apple Blossom scent.

With top notes of Marine Bergamot, Lemon Tree, Bitter Yuzu, Apple Blossom and Mandarin, the first sensation that hits you is a refreshing blast of citrus, followed by delicately floral Osmanthus, Neroli, Apricot Blossom, Water Lily, Green Rhubarb, with base notes of Sandalwood, Moss, Musk, Driftwood, Amber and Kashmirwood lingering for a woody, earthy feel.

It’s quite the ride!

Concocted for both men and women, there’s something so wonderful about sharing a scent.

It feels a little like slipping into one of my husband’s jumpers. Warm, safe and quite sexy.

Traditionally spritzed onto pulse points.

I like to finish with a gentle spray from afar over cashmere.

So I can nuzzle into it and escape into my own world whenever the need arises.

Which I’m sure happens as much today as it might have in Victorian England!

So much of Clive Christian’s magical story stems from the love affair between Queen Victoria and Prince Albert.

So no trip would be complete without a visit to his memorial, opposite the Albert Hall.

What better place to be reminded of the power of everlasting love, than here?

Where you can stroll among the roses or sit beneath the same trees which lovers have been kissing beneath for hundreds of years.

Take a moment to relax and watch as lovers, old and young pass by, wrapped up in their own everlasting love stories.

It’s a quiet reminder that while so much changes and has changed in London in the past year, never mind the past hundred, that the important things remain the same.

Some things never go out of style.

Discover The Crown Collection online, and if you choose to shop tell them a friend scent you…

Before the end of November use code “thelondoner2020” when you spend £250/$350 to receive a complimentary Votive Candle Set (worth £175/$250) along with a sample of the new Crab Apple Blossom perfume.

With Christmas edging a little closer every day… it makes a lot of scents!

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