Beach Day, Norfolk

We have adventured out of our cocoon for a little British staycation, in Norfolk.

This time last week the weather forecast was promising 30°C sunny days… the moment we arrived, it laughed an evil cackle and changed to nothing but rain for the duration of our trip.

Thankfully we’re hunkered down in a little farmhouse with an AGA, bottomless cups of tea and memories from yesterday – when we were treated to a beautiful, blustery, sunny day at the beach.

When I asked for everyone’s “must have” for a trip to the beach with a toddler, the most popular answer was “grandparents!”

Lily’s certainly did not disappoint.

We walked like ducks in a row, along the edge of Holkham Bay.

Deep into the sand dunes, where we set up camp.

With 4 miles of golden sand, fringed with rolling sand dunes, it’s the perfect place to escape the crowds and feel as though you have the entire world to yourself.

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We spred our towels, our picnic rugs, our blankets and delved into the depths of two picnic baskets.

Tucking into cheese & chutney sandwiches, pork pies, crumbly cheeses, cured meats, pickles, crisps, sausages and flasks of piping hot tea.

All the while brushing away that funny feeling that we were being watched…

After our feast, we popped out from our hideaway and down to the shore for a paddle.

Just crossing such a huge beach takes some doing!

Lily was swooped up onto her daddy’s shoulders, giggling and shrieking with joy as we raced an ecstatic Mr Custard along the sand.

Something of a grumpy old man in his day-t0-day life, Custard comes alive at the beach.

Running and jumping like a puppy, he races ahead and barks over his shoulder for us to hurry up!

We found a warm, shallow lagoon for wallowing in and did just that.

Lily and Custard hunted for glistening oyster shells.

While the rest of us discussed how nice a few dozen oysters would be.

Making a plan to seek out a crab shack later in the week.

We paddled, played, built sandcastles, snoozed and ate for the rest of the afternoon.

I laughed when I saw this picture ^ Something about it just screams mum to me!

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As the afternoon drew on and the wind picked up, we decided to call it a day and head on back to the farm.

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Grandpa drove home, winding through the lanes, with a snoozing family in the back.

Sandy, sun kissed, tired & happy.

Even if it was our only beach day this summer, it was a good’un!

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