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Spring seems set to burst in the British countryside.

The days are getting longer and warmer, the trees are beginning to blossom and despite everything that’s going on in the world, there’s a glimmer of hope dancing in on the breeze.

We’ve been isolated for a while now and like everyone we have our highs and lows. I keep trying to focus on the silver linings and the fact that we’re together. Lily is of course blissfully unaware and has forged the most wonderful bond with her grandparents, who are also loving every second of our togetherness. Upon waking from her nap, Lily now shouts “MaaaaAAAaaay!” rather than “Mummy” and May is savouring every single squidgy cuddle.

It feels as though we’ve slipped back in time, to an era when families raised children together. We get what we can from the local farmers so we’re eating seasonally and making do. Everyone seems to be rubbing along ok and we’ve had no serious fallouts despite all trying to run our own businesses from the kitchen table. Evenings are spent playing cards and I keep thinking that “tonight will be the night that I finally crack open a new book” but it hasn’t happened yet. Maybe tomorrow.

People seem to be split into two groups as far as I can tell. Those who are using this time to get fit, learn a new skill, better themselves (you can even sign up to Harvard’s online courses for free) and the others who are using it as a chance to catch their breath and recuperate. Which camp do you fall into?

I’m working and mummying and trying to get used to this new reality, I’ve been thinking up new recipes to share and am planning some fun DIY projects for you to get stuck into.

Whenever Lily’s awake and the sun is shining though, we’re trying to make the most of being outside.

Getting as much fresh air as possible and blowing the cobwebs away.

Imagine our complete and utter joy to find a pink parcel on the doorstep from one of my closest friends.

We tore open the box, rustled through the tissue paper and found two dresses inside.

One for Mummy & one for Lily.

The most beautiful new designs from my clever friend Julia.

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When she was designing the collection we dreamed about all the places we’d go together in ours, imagining sipping belinis with our girls on an Italian adventure.

For now we’ll have to make do with video chats and singing down the phone to each others littles.

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If this isolation has taught me anything it’s how to enjoy the simple pleasures I once loved so much as a child.

Who needs high-heels and exotic adventures when you’ve got wellies, dogs and a blue sky?

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