Lily’s House

Don’t mind us.

Custard and I are just having a tea break having just built (well, project managed) Lily’s new house.

Which she will be presented with when she wakes up from her nap, but for now is my quiet little spot to write from!

Believe it or not, the weather is actually better here than it was in LA, so we’re making the most of it and spending as much time outside as possible. Lily has a puddle suit and teeny tiny wellies, although she does prefer to squelch barefoot through the mud whenever possible.

The new playhouse is as much for me as it is for her, as it’s my little distraction. I love a project. I’m going to make some window boxes, maybe sew some curtains, find some tiny furniture perhaps? Do please let me know if you have any tips or suggestions!

So far we have a Persian rug folded over a bit to fit, and a doormat I stole from mum’s back door.

Humble beginnings, but it does come with a dog or three.

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If you have littles at home and don’t have the luxury of muddy puddles and pets to amuse them with (or even if you do!), I thoroughly recommend reading Janet Lansbury’s “Elevating Childcare”, it’s essentially how our parents raised us, but with clever examples and a pat on the back from child development specialists to explain why it works!

Basically it’s all about letting children get on with being children and keeping your nose out of it. Which is what I know a number of people long to hear, instead of being stuck trying to entertain cooped up kids.

When in doubt, build a den!

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A cardboard box or a sheet & two chairs will do.

Don’t get too hung up trying to bend over backwards to ensure no-one’s bored. Brilliance comes out of boredom and the real winners of this social distancing lark are the kids and the dogs.

They just want to be with you.

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