Farm to Table – Alternative Grocery Delivery Ideas

If this whole mess has shown us one thing, it’s how much we took daily life for granted.

Popping to the supermarket, wriggling into an armchair at your local coffee shop, long lunches on café pavements at the first hint of spring, picnics, pubs, parties, all of it.

I never even imagined sitting down to write a post on where you can get essentials from, but here we are!

Most situations in life call for a Monty Python quote, so “always look on the bright side of life”. At least this will make us all a bit more appreciative of our food, our brilliant farmers and locals shops.

There are lots of grocery delivery companies but it seems almost all of them are at capacity. I must have called 60 today and almost all came with a weary reply of “no!” thankfully however, there are a few gems left who would all be very appreciative of your business.


Firstly, your best bet is your local shop. If you’re not familiar with them already, Google “butcher/baker/grocer near me”, give them a buzz and ask if they’re delivering or running a pick-up service. The less time you spend out of the house, the better.

As for online…

Daylesford Farm

Harvest Bundle

Field and Flower (Meat, dairy & fish)

Cheese Morpeth (cheese and dairy)

Fen Farm Dairy (cheese and dairy)

Philip Warren Butcher (meat)

Ish Fish (fish)

Harvey Nichols (Hampers, snacks, tea + coffee, luxuries)

Chefly (ready made meals)

Harvey & Brockless (dairy, cured meat, etc.)

Region specific

Provenance Butcher – Same day within London

Pale Green Dot Farm – London, Sussex and Brighton

Solstice Food – London, See post code list on their website

New Covent Garden Market – London

Natoora – London

Breadwinners (bread) – London

Borough Market – Local to the market, check postcode on site

Kale & Damson – Cambridge based, see postcode list on their website-

Doggart & Squash – London, Surry on Fridays

Westlands UK – Southampton

Lake District Farmers (Meat)- Zones 1-4, Check their Instagram for pictures of their hampers they are putting together, call them to place orders -01229588299

First Choice – Greater London, Henley-on-Thames, Reading, Oxfordshire, Hemel Hempstead, Guildford, Sailsbury & Slough

Notting Hill Fish Shop – 020 7221 7524

Fhior – Edinburgh

Pesky (fish) – London

Petersham Nurseries – Richmond collect & delivery

Alcohol Delivery

Harvey Nichols – Having a wine & gin sale! UK delivery

Harrods (also lots of half price easter eggs!)

Lyme Bay Winery – UK delivery

Alivini – UK delivery

Fortnums – UK delivery

Berry Bros – UK delivery (somewhat delayed delivery)

Selfridges – UK delivery

Wine Poole – UK delivery

Another option is to call your local pub, restaurant or hotel and see if they’re selling their stock.

I’ll add to this list as I find things, please let me know if you have any gems I’ve missed out!

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