The wind has changed and London has been plunged into winter.

The Christmas lights have been turned on and every street twinkles with the promise of the festivities to come.

Parts of Notting Hill, the good ones, smell of pine trees, hot chocolates and pastries. A scent I would bottle to make my fortune if I could.

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Wrapped up against the cold we marched the length of Westbourne Grove and climbed Portobello Road, up to the bit with all the antique shops and candy coloured rows of houses.

Where a striking new face has popped up.

(Literally, can you see the eyes peering back at you? The handiwork of Portuguese street artist, Vhils.)

Welcome to Gold.

It’s Nick House’s newest venture, in my heyday he ran all of our favourite nightclubs, Whiskymist, Mahiki, Bodos, and now in our old age it seems he’s become quite refined.

At three story restaurant with a kicking bar and beautiful dining room.

We didn’t book so were popped up at the bar, which happens to be the best place to sit. You can watch everyone come & go and watch the chefs at work.

Theo Hill, formerly of River Café, is behind the sublime menu of plates designed for sharing.

We started with a bang, with seabass ceviche drizzled in oil and citrus, topped with crushed tomatoes (that taste like tomatoes you usually only find abroad in sun soaked countries), capers, herbs and salt crystals.

Exceptionally fresh, rich and vibrant.

Wood roasted carrots, goat’s yoghurt, celery leaf, black sesame.

Burrata, charred Williams pears, tuscan ham, radicchio, balsamic dressing.

The most beautiful marriage of flavours and textures.

A classic, perfectly executed.

Wood roasted half Cornish Red chicken, nduja, tomatoes, parma ham on sourdough.

Quite simply spectacular. I mean look at it!

By the time we’d mopped up the last of the sauce, we were too stuffed to even consider pudding.

Which seems like the perfect excuse to sneak back…

…in fact, do you fancy baby sitting so I can go now?

I’ll race you there.

95 Portobello Road, best book ahead or just pop in if you want to sit up at the bar. Just expect to fight be more elbow space, because I plan on going often!

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