A Cosy Afternoon in The Cotswolds

There were days when going to the pub meant a raucous night with friends, chatting, singing, burning the midnight oil and sleeping ’til noon the next day.

These days going to the pub is more of an early lunch trip, followed by a nice sedate visit to a stately home, perhaps a garden centre, or just a snooze beside the fire.

I can’t tell you the exact moment it changed, but I can’t say I’m disappointed either!

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This little alarm clock has taught me many things these past few months, not just that there are two 6o’clocks in a day.

Lily’s cardigan // Ruffle top

Velvet bloomers // Tights


Now well versed in countrylife, our little bumpkin crowed “tally ho!” and off we went.

In style.

To the quaint little village of Ebrington.

With its buttery thatch cottages, ancient oak trees and especially exciting red tractors.

And of course the all important pub.

The Ebrington Arms.

An exceptionally cosy spot serving organic British classics.

Where you can snuggle up and share steak and chips beside the fire.

And no-one pays too much notice if you get a bit over tired and have a something of a melt down!

Post fire-side snooze, we hopped into the car and made our way through more chocolate box villages.

In search of a good spot to stretch our legs.

Which we found at the wonderful Batsford Arboretum.

Much to Lily’s excitement!

It’s the perfect time of year to visit.

The trees blaze with autumn fire and we almost had the place to ourselves.

Save for a few locals…

But we baaaa-rely noticed them.

I found a particularly cute fairy in the woods.

Who I scooped up just before the rain set in.

We raced home.

Where we cuddled up and listed to it fall outside.

Before making a run for The Eight Bells for a simple supper topped off with the most spectacular sticky toffee pudding.

A deliciously cosy Cotswold afternoon.

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