I’m writing to you from Cloud Nine.

Baby is balanced on one boob and I have three cold cups of tea beside me, because I keep forgetting to drink them.

I’m tired, sore and can safely say I have never been happier in my entire life.

It is my great pleasure to introduce you to my daughter, Lily Valentine, who burst into our lives a little earlier than expected and has already changed our entire world!

She was born at home and both mum and baby are doing well. Dad is besotted. Big brother Custard is smitten and wont leave her side.

We’re sandwiched between the most beautiful scented bouquets from two of my favourite people, Hazel and Valentina, but with the rate that the doorbell keeps ringing I think Lily may have enough flowers to open her own flower shop by the end of the week… and she certainly has the name for it!

I promise to pop back with lots of news, pictures and updates soon, but for now we’re so happy in our newborn bubble I think I’ll be too busy gazing into those baby blue eyes.

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