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It’s been so long since we last spoke!

I didn’t really mean to get married and drop off the face of the earth, maybe you’re even wondering if I’ve forgotten you altogether. Packed in the blog for a life of eating finger sandwiches and picking out paint colours.

I haven’t forgotten you and I don’t have any plans to stop sending these little letters out into the universe any time soon.

The truth is I took on a project which is taking up far more time than I had anticipated. By more time I actually mean all of it. I don’t begrudge this, it’s the most brilliant project I’ve ever undertaken and while it’s under wraps for now, I’ll be able to tell you all about it in a few short weeks (you’re going to be very excited! I’m tingling even now just thinking about revealing all!) But it has meant that my steady stream of blog posts has dried up and is now a trickle of well intentioned half finished notes.

I’ve checked into Casa Silver May & will spend a few days here, riding out the heatwave, beavering away on this project and I’ll be back to flying form before you know it.

Do check in on me now & then, I’ll try and have a few new things waiting! Feel free to let me know below if there’s something in particular you’d like to read about, I was thinking a few more recipes for these hot summer months might be handy?

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