A Smashing Start, Mykonos

Last night Valentina and I arrived in Mykonos.

My hen party starts this coming weekend, and we thought we’d get a few days of sun, sea and laughter in before hand.

We arrived raring to go, only slightly delayed by the airline losing half of the flight’s luggage (they’ve promised to fly it out today, so fingers crossed!), and raced across the rocky island towards our new home.

A little boutique hotel called Boheme.

A relaxed, bohemian vibe coupled with spectacular sea views.

And a pool I cannot wait to lounge beside!

Our room is simple, elegant and flooded with that utterly unique Mykonos light.

With our priorities very much in order, we ordered up a couple of frozen cocktails toasted the setting sun!

From our little white pearl of a hottub.

Hungry for a spot of supper and perhaps a little dancing, we strolled into Mykonos town.

Where we were almost blown away by the view!

Wrap dress

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Gingham dress

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They don’t call it “The Windy Island” for nothing!

In an effort to avoid the crowds gathering to watch the sunset from the shore, we stayed up among the windmills.

Perched on our clifftop, with a prime view of the show!

Before trotting down into the madness.

We took a table at Caprice.

To catch the last of the light, with wineglass in hand.

Catching up, laughing about old stories we’ve each laughed about a hundred times before.

Sharing taramasalata, tzatziki, saganaki, octopus and fried zucchini.

Before joining the Greeks on the dancefloor!

A smashing start to our Greek adventure!

I can’t wait to see what today brings…

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