Maid Of Honour Dress Shopping

Having found your wedding dress, the second (some would say first… ahem, Valentina) most important find is your Maid of Honour’s dress.

I have so many wonderful girlfriends who I adore, part of me was very tempted to ask them all to be bridesmaids, but with such a small wedding I thought we may end up with no-one in the congregation!

So instead I’m having my soulsister, Valentina, as my maid of honour and my delicious little nieces as bridesmaids (flower girls you’d call them across the pond).

I don’t yet have a colour scheme I’m sticking to, instead I’d rather we found something that made V feel a million dollars, and then base the colour scheme around that. So, while she was staying with me I ordered a few dresses in a few styles that I thought she’d like, and we had a little try-on session at home. Away from pushy sales people, somewhere she felt comfortable, happy and we could really enjoy the process.

Starting with an exceptionally pretty, pale blue embellished number.

Named, rather appropriately, Roses Gown.

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We loved the delicate lace & subtle shimmer from the sequins hidden in it.

Obviously I love the colour!

It also comes in a very pretty strappy version.

Next we tried the most embellished of the bunch, the incredible “Pearlescent Gown“.

A frothy champagne number, covered in sequins, pearls and beads.

You can tell that so much love has gone into it, just from the weight of the dress!

This was Valentina’s favourite. She gasped from the moment she saw it and didn’t want to take it off again.

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However, it is technically a wedding dress.

While I think shades of white/champagne/ivory looks incredible for a bridal party with a gaggle of girls, I think with just Valentina and I with the littles, it could look as though it’s our wedding.

I know I said I was marrying my bestfriend, but I didn’t mean this one!

So we went back to the colourful options.

A slightly less Victorian option, The Sunburst Gown.

So pretty with feminine frills, sparkles and a plunging neckline.

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So pretty on Val’s delicate frame.

Swishy and light enough for early evening and sexy enough for after dark.

I don’t want you to think that we only tried one designer, because we didn’t. But if I showed you all of the failed try-ons, we’d be here all day!

There was one stand-out, non-embellished piece that we really loved.

A navy blue silk creation.

The Essie Gown.

Most certainly an evening gown, but with flowers and the right accessories could look just right for the ceremony too.

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I think she looks sensational in everything!

And we both got quite emotional throughout…

I’m so proud and grateful to have this strong, funny, kind, razor sharp, generous woman by my side, not just at the wedding, but every day.

No matter how far away we may be, I know she’s only a buzz away and would drop everything in a heartbeat if I needed her, just as I would in return.

And to top it all off, she’s now engaged too!

It truly seems like yesterday that we did this…

And soon we’ll be throwing bouquets!

While we may have each found “The One”… I’m not sure if we’ve found The One dress yet.

What do you think? Any favourites? Any suggestions?

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