Stay At Home Spa

If you ask me January and February should be all about self care.

I think more people are affected by S.A.D. than even realise they are, and us Brits have some of the greyest weather out there!

It’s important to recognise that everyone feels a little blue at this time of year and not to beat yourself up about it. Try and see it like waves in the ocean, sometimes you’re up, sometimes down, sometimes downright stormy and ready to drown a sailor or two! Just go easy on yourself and treat yourself as you would a good friend. Remind yourself (as you would them, if they needed) of all the good in you and eventually it’ll be plain sailing again.

Of course the fastest way to banish the blues is with your favourite people (and non-people)…

…and a spot of pampering.

So the girls and I set up a little spa at home.

Soothing tones on the stereo, every candle in the house flickering away, essential oils spritzed throughout.

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Each of us taking it in turns to play therapist.

Everyone has their own speciality, Val’s is foot massages, Bella’s all about the stretching and head massages, Emma’s is tea making (not to be underestimated!) and mine is manicures.

Deep cleansing facemasks all round.

I mean seriously. Does anyone look good putting facemask on?


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We let it work its magic on the warmest patch of heated floor, pretending we were on some glorious warmed marble slab in some fabulous spa.

Complete with dog trying to steal our cucumber slices.

Followed by a makeshift hottub and something a little stronger than tea!

We may have to make this a regular occurrence!

Rosie’s Spa now taking bookings, what can I put you down for?

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