Exploring the Treehotel, Sweden

Last week I had the surreal pleasure of waking up somewhere I have wanted to sleep for years and years.

And with this view from my pillow, can you blame me?

My fiancé and I flew to Stockholm, grabbed a sandwich and hopped on another flight north, before driving into the wilderness in search of adventure.

Which we found in spades.

Stepping out into a winter wonderland.

Red double breasted coat (a few options below)

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Fleece lined bobble hat

Nordic jumperMatching mittens

Very warm leggings

Wellies (UK/US) – Welly warmers

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Transformed into kids again, at the first touch of feather heavy snowflakes.

Which is lucky, because this place is the ultimate retreat for Peter Pan types.

A hotel made up of individual treehouses.

Heaven for the sorts of people who grew up building dens in the garden with their brothers.


Each treehouse is built by a different architect.

It’s worth taking a few days to explore them all properly.

We spent a couple of nights in different houses, which is a fun because you get to experience all the different worlds for yourself.

And they really do feel like different worlds.

The bird’s nest is reached by retractable ladder and trap door. Once you’re inside with it all closed up, no-one would find you if you didn’t want them to.

Sorel coat (necessary for the days where the temps dropped to -20C and you could feel your breath freeze inside your nose!)

Snuggliest jumper I’ve ever owned

Faux fur headband

Jimmy Choo faux fur boots (sold out, similar below)

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My favourite hut for living in was Dragonfly. Not much from the outside, but so warm and comfortable inside, I could have stayed there for life.

But for looks? Well for looks it has to be the Mirrorcube.

Almost invisible from some angles, it became something of an obsession that I had to photograph from every angle and in every light.

Like something from a Bond film or a particularly surreal dream.

The wood-clad interior is cosy (though not as warm as the Dragonfly – I was very grateful for my cosy pjs!) and a beautiful place from which to watch the late sunrise.

Before bracing yourself for the long walk to breakfast.

Which anywhere else would become a chore, but here just feels like its own little treat.

You slip down through the woods covered in glistening snow, through a thicket of birch trees and out into a wide meadow.

Where the snow can get pretty thick!

And on into the main house, where there’s hot coffee and fresh pancakes waiting beside the fire.

After breakfast there’s only a handful of hours before sundown.

Time enough to take in more of the surroundings.

Or snuggle in and watch the show.

Cashmere pyjamas

Lunch is a simple affair back at the house, and you can go there for supper too… or try something a little more adventurous.

Like dining by firelight on a frozen lake, beneath the icy moon.

Though supper at the house is not to be sniffed at.

The inexplicably kitch, delightfully retro house is home to chef Sebastian, who will make you some of the finest locally sourced food in Northern Sweden.

The menu changes daily, and you eat whatever you’re given.

Smoked fish and dill, classic.

Reindeer with parsnip puree and gratin potatoes.

Some sort of semifredo berry thing, delicious even if I can’t remember its proper title!

I have lots more adventures from the Treehotel coming up over the next few days, but let’s just get this out of the way –

If you have been thinking about going for years or even if you’ve only just discovered the place and can’t believe your eyes… go! It is every bit as fantastic as you think it might be. It is eyewateringly expensive, but if you ask me it most certainly deserves a spot on the Bucket List.

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