Nights on Meganissi, Greece

This is the much anticipated follow up to Days On Meganissi.

*Spoiler alert* Things get pretty wild on this little island.

And for a couple of weeks this summer, we made the very most of it.

We would, invariably watch the sun set from our terrace.

Then either fire up the BBQ and lay the table…

…or head down into the little harbour town of Vathy for supper.

Seashell necklace

Floral dress (on sale! Go go go!)

Mini basket // Fringe sandals

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Hair tutorial!

Filled with everything from vast super yachts (Steve Jobs’ boat stopped by a while, as did one designed by Jeff Koons) to tiny little fishing dinghies.

A world away from St Tropez and Mykonons, this is not the place to see and be seen.

It’s a place to unwind and disappear for a while.

Early evenings are spent strolling along the water’s edge.

And grabbing a drink at Thalassa.

Go for the mojitos, stay for the rosé (easily the best on the island!)

Sit beside bobbing boats as the sun slips below the horizon.

Stay a little longer, then head on for a late supper.

The bay is rimmed with pretty restaurants, which are all good, but I do have a couple of favourites.

Tilevoes with its pretty white set up, unmissable for its sharing starters and uhmazing seafood pastas.

Love at first bite (That’s a huge shell it’s served in and you bet I’m too shellfish to share! )

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We’d walk in night after night, in search of cocktails and various forms of feta.

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From here you can watch the fishermen go out and the little town flicker into life.

Then of course there’s my favourite restaurant of all, and my main reason for needing to return to Meganissi next year…


With its pretty blue tables, charming staff and the best food on the island.

The freshest ingredients, expertly prepared and beautifully presented.

Don’t miss the fired aubergine with cool tzatziki.

Or the halloumi with grilled veggies.

The langostine scampi will change your life, and you mustn’t miss the seabass baked with fennel and potatoes.

Just be sure to share with one of the friendly locals.

After supper and an extra jug of wine, stroll arm in arm along the bay.

There’s a spot next to Thalassa, I can’t remember the name but it’s right here on the map. It’s the bakery that supplies all the desserts on the island. (Need I say more?!)

It doesn’t look like much and they play the loudest, terrible music, but the cake… oh the cake.

The moistest, richest, most incredible chocolate cake you’ll ever try.

Each of us had our favourites, either the orange cake, the walnut, the custard tart, or in my case the chocolate one.

We went here every night for a slice and it was worth every pound we gained!

We’d head home with the stars blazing bright above, fall into bed around 1 in the morning. Full, bronzed, happy and very, very relaxed.

Ok, so I may have lied about this place getting wild! But isn’t the reality even better than that?

If you have your whole life to party, shouldn’t a holiday be something else?

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