Wedding Shopping With Mum

I want you to know that I have not been holding out on you when it comes to wedding updates.

Don’t go thinking that I’ve made all sorts of fabulous plans and I’m keeping my friends in the dark about them…

… I really just haven’t made any plans at all!

Not for lack of trying, I’ll have you know. It just turns out that picking a venue is not as easy as I’d anticipated. I won’t bore you with the details but let’s just say that wedding fatigue is totally a real thing and I needed a break.

Enter, Mum!

She came up to town for a day of fun to distract me from my venue hunting failure, by doing other much more fun wedding things.

Just what the doctor ordered!

White sunnies

Navy shirt dress // Navy belt

Red Prada tote (similar) // Red sandals

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Blush dress – also here

Brown shades // Bamboo bag

Butter soft suede loafers

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We made our way to Regent Street, who commissioned this post and plays host to everything we could ever need.

Starting at Jo Malone London.

A British brand known for their timeless fragrances.

They also happen to specialise in wedding scents, for which orange blossom is traditional.

But as equal opportunists we gave them all a good go!

I think it’s fair to say that we were off to a roaring start!

Choosing lots of home and body goodies to try at home, with a couple of scents to choose from.

I’m a firm believer in taking your time and doing research properly.

If that means taking long baths with scented oil and candles every night, well then so be it!

Next, we stopped into Brooks Brothers.

The perfect place for all things groomly.

(Let’s pretend that’s a word.)

BB has every sort of suit, shirt, tie and shoe a groom could possibly ask for.

And there’s plenty to keep brides entertained while he shops!

Particularly upstairs.

Mum shopped for Mother of The Bride looks while I fell into a whole world of gingham.

^ All packed for the honeymoon!

We popped by Godiva for chocolate covered strawberries.

And into Mappin and Webb, complete with 1920’s crystal chandelier of my dreams.

To look at wedding jewellery…

…where naturally I gravitated towards the classics.

Though we couldn’t resist throwing a few diamonds into the mix too!

We looked at wedding bands of all shapes, sizes and styles.

And potential weddings gifts, for him.

We were particularly taken by their own Campaign Watch design, modelled on what officers wore in 1914.

I’ve always loved vintage styles of things (as you know from my engagement ring) and think this would look rather lovely with a classic suit or just jeans and a shirt.

But while we’re talking engagement rings, we took a quick look at the English Rose collection, all named after different English roses.

Just in case your chap is in need of a little inspirational nudge!

Send him over to Regent St, you’d both certainly be in good company with some of the other customers…

Deciding to think a little more about jewels and gifts, we popped next door into Tommy Hilfiger.

Which has the coolest in-store experience I’ve ever… experienced.

You can shop from lookbooks on interactive screens, pop any item you find into a cubbyhole and a screen will tell you what sizes and colours it comes in, even the changing rooms are “smart”.

Whatever you bring it, it’ll show you the online shopping page, pictures of customers wearing it and other styles that might suit.

Along with some very pretty holiday clothes (honeymoon?) I also found some potential bridesmaid’s dresses.

And something for Him.

In the name of celebrating we skipped lunch and went straight for tea.

At the inimitable Langham Hotel London.

A post-shopping haven at the top of Regent Street.

Just the place to rest your feet, catch your breath and toast to upcoming (hopefully!) nuptials.

Just to really polish off a truly decadent day with my very best friend, we went underground.

Down into Hotel Café Royal’s Akasha spa.

Potentially the most zen space in Central London.

You walk in only to be enveloped by a warm, gently spiced air, relaxing music emanating from unseen speakers, your path lit only by candle light.

We stayed for hours that felt like days.

Deep in the belly of London, completely unaware of anything going on above ground.

Bandana swimsuit

The perfect way to get some perspective and get back to enjoying the fun of planning a wedding.

I never wanted to be someone who got stressed by wedding stuff, it’s not like my whole life has been leading up to my one true day of happiness.

I’m utterly thrilled and very grateful to be marrying one of my best friends. To be making a promise to each other in front of all of our loved ones and to be able to spend time together celebrating.

Everything else will just be sprinkles on the sundae.

But hey, shopping for sprinkles can be pretty fun!

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