I have very exciting news for all West Londoners and travelling pancake lovers.

If you don’t fit into either of these categories then you might want to skip this blog post, or as we say in London: “On yer bike.”

Summer in London

There’s a new-not-new brunch spot in Chelsea.

Feel free to dress up in your finest tropical gear, this place will make you feel as though you’re on holiday – without the need to be frisked by TSA agents, unless that’s your thing – in which case there are a number of red chino sporting Chelsea boys who’d be happy to oblige.

Tropical prints and basket bags - not just for the beach!

Pineapple print dress (so soft and light – order a size up for true summer comfort)

Basket // Similar Greek sandals

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Hidden away beyond Sloane Square there’s a new pedestrianised little shopping street, filled with delis, speciality cheese shops and cafés spilling out onto the pavement.

Children play and ride their bikes around groups of rosé sipping yummy mummies, it’s all very European.

If you walk down to the end of the street, away from Sloane Square, you’ll see a little tropical courtyard down to the right.

Complete with armchair-esque seating.

Al fresco brunch in Chelsea

This is the new Granger & Co terrace.

Granger and Co in Chelsea, London

No need to queue through the streets of Notting Hill, hoping for a brunch table any longer.

Just make yourself at home and let the magic happen.

Cocktails in Chelsea

A proper Aussie brunch, with a side of sunshine, beneath waving palms.

Best brunch in Chelsea

Granger pancakes

The famous fluffy ricotta pancakes.

(Copycat recipe here.)

Acaii bowls in Chelsea

Acaii bowl.

Avocado toast London

Avocado on toast with a perfectly poached egg.

Iced latte of dreams

But how about those pancakes…

Pancakes in Chelsea

Almost certainly the best brunch in Chelsea.

It’s still very new and relatively unknown (though I might have just spoiled that, sorry!) so it should be pretty easy to grab a table and stretch breakfast out beyond mid-day, when continuing the party with cocktails becomes the only sensible thing to do.

Find them here:

+44 20 3848 1060


Just remember, you have riCOTTA try those pancakes!

You won’t find any batter.

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