Fields of Gold, Norfolk

My fiancé and I spent the weekend in Norfolk.

We have no particular ties in Norfolk, no family or special reason to visit. Just a special place.

We discovered Sennowe Park a couple of summers ago (I thought it was last summer but time seems to be slipping past faster than I’d realised!) and fell in love with its old school charm and utterly lovely owners, Charles and Virginia. You can read my previous posts here and here.

We went back for a visit and to spend a wholesome weekend exploring the surrounding countryside.

Starting as all weekends should, slowly.

Sennowe Park

Before heading off into the wilds in search of bluebells.

Driving through rolling countryside, in search of Foxley Wood.

Which sounds like something from a story book.

And the reality is no less romantic.

British bluebell wood

A 6 thousand year old woodland, carpeted in a sea of bluebells.

British bluebell wood, Norfolk

6 thousand years old.

This wood has been here since the very beginning of human civilisation.

British bluebell woods - a must visit in spring!

If these trees could talk…

British bluebells bloom in spring, appearing almost overnight and disappearing almost as quickly.

They prefer woodlands and have a strong, sweet scent which gets caught by the canopy above, keeping it from floating away and creating the most incredible multi-sensory experience for those passing through.

Britain's ancient bluebell woods - smell even better than they look!

Birds sing, the scent of bluebells carries on the breeze and sunlight dances across the carpet of wildflowers.

British bluebells

The British bluebell is under threat from the Spanish variety, brought in by Victorian gardeners.

British bluebells are a deep violet sort of blue and droop over to one side, whereas the Spanish variety are a light blue (sometimes white or pink too) and stand tall with flowers all around the stem.

Their mingling is destroying the British bluebell, making them increasingly rare.

wild bluebells

If you have a garden you can help by avoiding planting any Spanish bluebells and seeking out British bluebells instead. Lots of tips here.

Either way, a visit to a British bluebell wood is something everyone should experience at least once in their lives, if not every spring!

Drive out to the countryside in spring or find a good one here.

BMW i8 - the plug in sportscar

Still loving our plug-in sportscar!

Having walked right through Foxley Wood we jumped back into the car and bumbled off in search of lunch.

A trip made significantly (and delightfully) longer by stopping every couple of miles to enjoy the view.

Rape seed fields

The British countryside is covered in fields of gold.

It’s rape-seed season, meaning all you can see for miles and miles are these bright yellow, freshly scented, pollen rich fields, swaying in the wind.

British rapeseed fields

Heaven for bees and flower enthusiasts alike!

Fields of gold

When I shared a snap on Instagram a few people asked where they can find this specific field, but the answer is that there’s no need.

If you can get to the countryside you’ll find a dozen just like it!

Drive in any direction out of a big city and you’re sure to find some. An extra wet spring has meant a double-bloom for the yellow flowers and they’ll last 8 weeks instead of their usual 4. So you still have time to indulge your Gladiator-esque fantasies!

Canola field

Just as the wet spring started to live upto its name with a spot of drizzle, we jumped back into the car and made for the pub.

The Crown Inn to be exact.

A pretty little pub in a pretty little village, that most importantly allows dogs.

And serves up cracking British classics.

Have lunch and a tipple at the pub, then pop into the teashop next door for pudding, followed by the antique shop next door for a snoop.

The perfect Saturday afternoon!

Trench coat

Striped cardigan // Silk camisole

Skinny jeans // Wellies (similar)

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As the rain started to pick up we headed back to Sennowe Park.

The library at Sennowe Park - perfect wedding location!

Snuggling into the library with a drink and a good book.

Beside the crackling fire.

Feeling very much at home indeed.

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