Sunday Wanderings in Norfolk

After a comfortable sleep in my four-poster-marshmallow, I woke on Sunday morning to find Custard lying on his back, all fours in the air, snoring.

And the boyfriend in much the same position.

Eventually one of them got up and made a couple of cuppas.

norfolk holiday-1

We sat at each end of the bed, chatting in a lazy Sunday stupor.

Until the smell of bacon started wafting under the door.

norfolk holiday-2

We went down to find the lady of the house, Virginia, ready and waiting with a pot of fresh coffee.

We took our places at the dining table and she served up two huge English breakfasts, and all of the morning papers.

Having eaten enough local sausages to feed a small army, we took our coffees out into the garden.

norfolk holiday-3

Is this not the most beautiful conservatory you’ve ever seen?

There’s a fountain in the centre, so all you can hear is trickling, dancing water. The air is filled with the scent of roses and cut grass.

I could happily live inside it.

norfolk holiday-4

Custard and I took to the garden to explore.

norfolk holiday-5

Off the shoulder dress, a cheapie from these chappies!

Who are rocking more than a handful of bargainous summer dress options…

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norfolk holiday-6

Gold sandals 

norfolk holiday-7

norfolk holiday-8

norfolk holiday-9

norfolk holiday-10

We were blown away by Sennowe Park. If you have a wedding, or a party to plan, look them up! Alternatively, if you want to stay as BnB guests, as we did, send them a nice email introducing yourself and I’m sure they’d love to have you.

norfolk holiday-11

norfolk holiday-12

norfolk holiday-13

norfolk holiday-14

norfolk holiday-15

norfolk holiday-16

Keen to see a little more of the local area, we headed towards the coast.

And stopped off for a quick frolic at Norfolk Lavender.

norfolk holiday-17

norfolk holiday-18

Row upon row of blossoming, lavender, thick with the smell of wild draw liners.


norfolk holiday-19

norfolk holiday-20

And absolutely buzzing with fuzzy bumblebees.

norfolk holiday-21


And a couple of other fuzzies.

norfolk holiday-23

Bees are desperately important to all of us.

To find out why, and learn how you can help stop the decline, check this out.

norfolk holiday-24

Next spring, my terrace is getting lavender tubs!

norfolk holiday-25

We drove along the coast, through quaint little villages and rolling countryside.


norfolk holiday-26

norfolk holiday-27

norfolk holiday-28

Jumping out of the car now and then to explore and snap.

norfolk holiday-29

norfolk holiday-30

For lunch we stopped at one of the roadside “Fresh Fish, Oysters & Seafood” shacks.

norfolk holiday-31

norfolk holiday-32

And tucked into a serious amount of the good stuff!

norfolk holiday-33

norfolk holiday-34

norfolk holiday-35

We drove past a sign for Wiverton Hall’s fruit farm, and couldn’t resist popping in.

norfolk holiday-36

norfolk holiday-37

Armed with baskets, we set off to pick some plump, juicy, British raspberries.

norfolk holiday-38

norfolk holiday-39

norfolk holiday-40

Though most got snaffled up before they reached the baskets!

norfolk holiday-41

norfolk holiday-42

norfolk holiday-43

norfolk holiday-44

norfolk holiday-45

norfolk holiday-46

Content with our idillic Sunday, we set off on the drive home.

But got distracted by a sign for antiques… so pulled in at Bayfield Hall.

The antique shop was closed, so we wandered the wild gardens instead.


norfolk holiday-47

norfolk holiday-48

norfolk holiday-49

norfolk holiday-50

norfolk holiday-51

Stumbling across a wooden shed, housing dozens of field mice.

norfolk holiday-52

norfolk holiday-53

^ Teeny tiny field mice!

norfolk holiday-54

I resisted filling my pockets and taking them home.

(Mostly because Custard was eying me suspiciously.)

norfolk holiday-55

And we drove down to London, as the sun began to set.

Norfolk certainly deserves a spot on your To Visit list. It’s staying firmly on mine, and I already can’t wait to go back!


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