Everyone always needs a good lunch spot in Soho.

A great little place to keep up your sleeve incase hunger strikes or anyone asks.

Well, good news! I have a new one for you.

The imaginatively named Bun House is a pretty little… well, bun house.

Serving up stuffed buns from a counter stacked high with steaming baskets.

Order at the counter, try a few but be sure to order the pork bun and the chicken bun.

Choose a few sides and some form of pickle – I recommend the daikon.

Pull up a pew, preferably outside in the sunshine.


Embroidered jacket // Silk shirt

Skinny jeans // Chanel loafers // Navy bag

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And they’ll deliver the goods.

Pillowy, fluffy buns stuffed with all sorts of goodness.

Pig Bun: Sticky bbq pork belly, cured belly, yam.

Lamb Bun: Lamb belly, toasted cumin, chilli, garlic.

Chicken Bun: Grilled thigh, liver paté, miso, prickly.

Fish Bun: Cod, prawn, chilli oil, dairy(?), basil.

Veg Bun: 3 mushroom, water chestnut, kow choi.

Served with glass noodle salad, cool, refreshing with a healthy kick of spice.

Lotus root crisps.

Prickly cucumber.

Daikon pickle. (Ask to try the pickles before you order, they vary hugely so find your fave.)

Try as much as you can, everything is pretty spectacular… but save room for pudding!

It would be a crime to miss out on the Custard Buns.

Fluffy little things, filled to bursting with a rich duck egg and coconut custard.

Rich, creamy, sweet and very squeezable.

The very best sort of fast food.

Perfect for a quick bite to eat in the city.

No need to book, find them here.

You’re bao-nd to love it as much as I do!


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