Snow Day, New York

We arrived in New York to something of an unexpected winter wonderland.

We’d anticipated the same warm spring we’d quickly become accustomed to in London, so when our flight was cancelled we never even imagined it was for a blizzard!

Thankfully the storm wasn’t nearly as serious as people had feared and after a day or two everyone was back on their feet, and we were in the air.

We arrived in The States a little later than expected with a few more coats stuffed into our suitcases than originally planned!

But with a fresh blanket of powder beneath our feet I certainly wasn’t complaining.

We strolled out into the crisp morning air in search of breakfast.

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New York’s a funny place in the snow.

When it’s fresh and very very cold, it’s perfect! Crunchy, white, easy to stomp through, and really very pretty.

When things start to warm up again, it’s less great. Grey, wet and piled high along the pavements making it impossible to cross the road without falling knee deep into slush puppy puddles of muck.

Your best option is finding a great restaurant and sitting out the rush.

Which we did.

At Dudley’s.

A cute little hipster joint downtown.

Wood floors, marble tables, brass fixtures, water served in bourbon bottles and coffee so strong it’ll make your hair curl.

The best defence against the cold?


And lots of them.

Huge fluffy pancakes, drizzled in maple syrup.

Some of the best avo-toast in the city.

Two fried eggs with runny yolks on sourdough toast, smeared with salsa verde.

Particularly killer when combined with the avocado toast.

And enjoyed in a shaft of glowing light, like a cat stretched out on a warm patch of carpet.

Buzzing from carbs and coffee, we continued on our snowy stroll around the city.

Marvelling at the combination of icy blue skies, bright sunshine and mounds of shovelled snow.

There’s something about New York that always feels like home to me.

Maybe it’s being able to walk everywhere, the food, the melting pot of cultures, the light, the architecture, the sunshine yellow cabs.

Who knows!

I just can’t get enough of the place.

I could spend a lifetime peering up at old buildings and saying “oh look at that one!”

And do you know, I probably will!

Here’s to the beginning of a fresh adventure.

I think this is going to be a great trip! I’m already looking forward to sharing it with you. – I hope you brought a coat!


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