Gorging in Georgetown

With only half a day left of our flying trip to Washington and so much left to eat, we set to it!

What to do when the blossom fails?

Make your own!

Though I must say that despite the cold, grey weather, Mother Nature still put on quite the show.

You don’t need to visit at “Peak Bloom” to enjoy the beauty of Washington’s cherry blossom.

But if you do make it over sometime in the next couple of weeks, be sure to stop by Astro Donuts for the cherry blossom donut.

Perfectly fluffy, filled with jam and coated in a soft, sweet frosting with just the slightest hint of cream cheese.

Hands down the best doughnut I’ve ever had.

The perfect al fresco breakfast down by the water’s edge.

We took the last of our coffees over to Georgetown for a wander around the neighbourhood.

Little shops, pretty painted houses and quiet streets made for walking.

Georgetown feels like the Notting Hill of Washington.

As always we played a spot of “Dream House Hunting” as we went.

I have to say I do love the way Americans celebrate the changing seasons.

In Autumn it’s all pumpkins and gourds, Christmas comes with all the trimmings and now with Spring on our doorstep it’s blossom wreaths all round!

Can we get involved, London? I quite fancy a magnolia wreath.

^ The white stuff under the bushes is leftover snow, believe it or not.

Clinging on despite the rising temperature, crazy to think that a storm had passed through just before we arrived.

Here’s hoping it was the very last of Winter! I for one am ready for more popcorn trees.

Georgetown high st is full of fun stuff, lots of pretty shops bursting with fashion, interiors, an inordinate number of cupcake shops, and a few cafes.

In one of the side streets we found the prettiest of all.

Filled with all things blue, white and preppy.

It’s called Tuckernuck and well worth a visit should you find yourself in Georgetown.

Having shopped ’til we dropped, it was time to STOP… and eat tacos.

Just across the street you’ll find Chaia DC.

They offer up seasonal, plant based “farm to tacos”.

The menu changes seasonally, but the girls will be happy to tell you which to order if you’re feeling somewhat overwhelmed by the options.

Us? We tried all of them!

Personally I recommend the rainbow carrot + pea shoot with goat cheese, salsa de tomatillo crudo + fresh mint.

Quite the education in how delicious vegan options can really be.

Website and menus here.

After lunch we had just a little time left before heading to the airport so checked out some of the local vintage & antique spots.

Grabbed just one more treat…

A creme brûlée donut from District Donuts.

Bruleed right before your eyes and served warm, complete with oozing custard.

Utterly content in the knowledge that despite missing out on Washington’s blossom, we’d experienced some of the very best food the city has to offer.

So set off for the airport, ready for the next adventure.

Cream jacket // Hermes scarf (similar)

Poloneck // Jeans

Blue bag // Kiss me flats

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Green coat (detachable collar) // Skinny jeans

Chanel bag // Pink loafers

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Washington was a total dream and I would go back in a heartbeat.

In fact, see you this time next year DC, I’ve got a date with a donut shop…

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