Do you ever find yourself in Parsons Green, West London?

If you appreciate stripes, relish watching rugby, have friends who wear red trousers, and partake in the occasional (as if) pint… I’m going to assume that yes, yes you do.

If you don’t, well now I have a reason for you to go.

Hidden among the pretty, whitewashed Victorian houses, is a rather marvellous little cafe.

Shades of blue

Gold buttoned coat (similar) // Blue checked shirt

Skinny jeans // Suede heels

Chanel Coco Handle Bag

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Blue and gold

Citrine ring – choose the “emerald cut” version

Soft bandana print scarf 

Just a little further down the road from Parsons Green itself, you’ll find Hally’s.

Actually, rather bizarrely you’ll find two, you want the one on the right, the bigger one.

This one.


Take a seat and order up a storm, the menu changes often but is invariably excellent.

Hallys Parsons Green


Exceptionally good chicken on polenta with wild mushrooms and tangy salsa verde.

(Salsa verde recipe here, put it on everything!)


Truffle fries, minus any truffle chunks… we’ll come back to these.


Fried green tomatoes. Achingly hip.


The vegetarian sandwich of dreams, for the vegetarian.


Back to the fries!

I will admit to being somewhat alarmed when our truffle fries didn’t arrive looking like they’d been dragged through a woodland and tossed into a bowl.

But my alarm was unwarranted.

These are cooked in truffle oil and are hands down some of the best truffle fries you’ll ever taste.


Yea, eye closingly savour the moment good.

Not bad for what looks like your basic chip!


Pudding should be chosen from the counter and washed down with a huge mug of very good coffee.


The perfect spot for lunch or brunch, should you ever find yourself out West.

Find Hally’s here, no bookings but you shouldn’t need one anyway. Unless it’s the weekend, in which case go early.

Fuelled by coffee, cake and truffle you’ll be all set to race off into London…

Blue vespa please!

…and chase any sneaking winter blues away.


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